Peyton Chapman

The Haunting Recurrences of History Repeating Itself

Kristallnacht took place November 9th-10th, 1938. With this chilling remembrance of Jew-hating history, we must begin to ask ourselves if what is currently taking place throughout Israel and the rest of the world is a haunting recurrence of the events that led to the deaths of 6 million Jews.  We know that the current war...
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A Deep Dive Into the Idea of a Two-State Solution

“Two-State Solution” is a phrase that’s buzzing in your book club, church circle, workplace, and in nearly every news’ headline right now. If you consider it at the surface level, it sounds like a fair option that will help end the war in Israel and save lives, right? Unfortunately, the reality is far different. What...
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The Time to Fight For “Never Again” Today

A lot of propaganda is circulating the globe concerning Israel. Let’s look at what some of the common myths are, as well as the potential negative effects they could have. “Israel is a Terrorist State”  Rumors are flying that the Israeli government is committing acts of terror and, therefore, has become a terrorist state. This...
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A Brief History of Israel & the Gaza Strip Reveals One Thing: Hamas Must Be Destroyed

This current war between Hamas and Israel (and potentially Hezbollah) has a lot of people wondering – what led up to the current hostilities, especially to this extent? As of October 18th, 2023, the UN reports that 4,300 people have been killed and approximately 16,700 have been injured in the nearly two weeks that have...
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Colombia President Would Rather Support Nazis Than Have Foreign Relations With Israel

Israel has recently halted security exports to Colombia after President Gustavo Petro made multiple public statements relating the Israeli government to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis while also claiming that Gaza has become a concentration camp through the hands of Israel. Israel exported a whopping $139 million worth of goods to Columbia in 2022, everything...
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Fight for Israel in Your Community

As the war with Hamas continues to heighten, Israel is still being labeled as the enemy on the world stage. Israel has suffered immensely with a loss of life that has now reached 1,300+ men, women, and children – the highest number of casualties that have occurred in one day since the Holocaust. Hamas has...
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