America’s Universities Are Now a Dangerous Place for Jews

Many young people in today’s world aspire to attend an Ivy League university. Recently however, many of these colleges have proven to be an extremely threatening place for Jewish students and professors.

Protests Break Out Across American College Campuses

Pro-Palestine and Pro-Hamas (and I would argue, also pro-Iranian) students have been illegally taking over campuses across the United States. Some of these states, like Texas, have taken matters into their own hands to rid their universities of this act of blatant anti-semitism, and even arresting many of these ignorant protestors.

Many of these protesters have been seen donning their keffiyehs and repeating phrases they don’t fully understand. Their lack of knowledge doesn’t end at the words they are shouting; the keffiyeh represents the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO). While these adults are attempting to show “solidarity” with the Palestinian people, they don’t fully understand that the goal of the PLO, according to their charter, is to once again return “Palestine” to its boundaries at the time of the British Mandate, which is considered to be a regional indivisible unit. 

The actual issue may not be immediately clear, but with a little bit of historical context, “Palestine” under the British mandate was the entire state of Israel. Historically, the British chose to call the land of Israel “Palestine” and all the people who resided there were, at that point in history, “Palestinians”. This includes the Jewish people who were living there at that time. This means that the goal of the PLO was (and still is) to completely abolish the land of Israel and in the name of “holy war” murder every Jewish person who lives within it.

The keffiyeh isn’t the only genocidal display across these campuses. Students at Columbia University in New York recently hung a banner out of a window at Hamilton Hall bearing the chilling word “intifada”. The students have since been arrested and removed from the campus, but through their actions, it is apparent that these students don’t understand the events that took place during the first and second intifadas because if they did, it would be considered criminal, not just to those around them, but also to themselves, to call for such a horrendous act.

In regards to the students calling for an intifada, there needs to be a bit of a historical dive into the first and second intifadas to fully understand what this call means. The first intifada started in 1987 and lasted roughly six years. What was the act that began the vicious onslaught of the Jewish people? First, two Israelis were killed in a terrorist attack in Gaza. Then, an Israeli vehicle struck an Arab one, killing four people. This was perceived by the Palestinians as an act of revenge for the murder of the two Israelis. Soon after the intifada’s inception, the Palestinians’ rocks and molotov cocktails turned into even more lethal attacks with rifles, hand grenades, and explosives. In response to this violence, the Israelis had no choice but to defend themselves.

The Second Intifada proved to be bloodier and more gruesome than the first. This intifada, that began in 2000 and ended in 2005, was started by the former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s visit to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This one act resulted in riots by the Arabs and later showed the clear progression from the weapons used in the first intifada to the use of suicide bombings in the second. Following a suicide bombing that claimed the lives of thirty people, Israel launched Operation Defensive Shield and began to strengthen their presence in Judea, Samaria, and parts of Gaza (this was prior to Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005).

As the students who are currently camping out on college campuses in America call for a third, larger intifada, they hold onto the premise that its purpose is to reject the Israeli occupation. In reality however, they are calling for the aggressive attack and murder of the Jewish people under the facade of freedom. Neither of the intifadas proved to be peaceful and if a third intifada were to take place, the results would undoubtedly be concerningly violent and lethal.

In addition to the  numerous calls for violence against the Jewish people and the State of Israel, student “protesters” took down the American flag that flew over the campus and replaced it with a Palestinian flag. This is an insult to every American citizen and those responsible should be held accountable. Thankfully, Chancellor Lee Roberts of the University of North Carolina, where this incident took place, immediately restored the American flag to its rightful place.

Through all of this darkness, some humorous contradictions can be found. While students were “protesting” the “Israeli occupation of Palestine”, this New York Times headline read, “Protesters at Columbia Occupy Hamilton Hall”. This act of illegal occupation in order to protest an alleged occupation is entirely hypocritical and should be easily recognized as such by all those who have witnessed these deranged actions.

The Concern That Maybe These “Protesters” Do Actually Understand What They Are Saying.

These protests that have broken out across college campuses across America can be quickly disregarded by the belief that these are young, brainwashed college kids who are just following what they think is “cool” right now. What if this isn’t actually the case? What if many of these students know what the phrases they are shouting mean? What if they believe that intifadas and the 1947 borders of “Palestine” must take place and be reinstituted? What if, by neglecting the entrance of Jews into the schools they study and teach in, these are the beginning steps into another heinous Holocaust? These “young and naive kids” are not kids; they are adults who are old enough to understand the weight of what they are repeating. 

The thought that these protestors fully understand their true meaning is far more concerning and frightening than what anyone may have ever imagined. If these adults are knowingly calling for the death of Jews in and out of Israel, then where does that place the morality of any person or nation? People have sworn for over 70 years that what was inflicted upon the Jewish people during the Holocaust would happen “never again,” yet , unfortunately, it appears that it may very well be close to happening again. 

In many cities across the world, the Jewish people can no longer walk in freedom or without fear for their own safety simply for being Jewish. If anyone wants to stop the modern war against the Jews, it is more critical now than it has been in many of our lifetimes to stand up with and for the Jewish people, to call out the evil lies being propagated against the Jewish people, and to, if necessary, lay down our lives for their safety. As Jews are no longer being granted access to many places, one can only wonder how long it may be before more people and places fall in line with this frighteningly familiar denial of rights. If we do not stand up and put a stop to this abhorrent evil during this horrifying repetition of history, may God forgive us all.

Peyton Chapman

Peyton Chapman is originally from Amarillo, TX. She works full-time for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as an article author, customer support representative, and in donor relations. Additionally, she serves in various operations on the ground in Israel as needed.

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  • They need to study up on rabbi Kahane, then buy a ball bat!
    I am Hebrew and Damm proud, those haters stay clear from me as they would if our people would just fight back.

  • Sad, but TRUE!!! It is being driven by the RADICAL teachers and professors in high schools and especially college/universities and their HATRED FOR JEWS and ISRAEL! They are taking the HATRED of some in CONGRESS who are PUSHING THAT HATRED and ENCOURAGING THE PROTEST and URGING VIOLENCE. I also believe Biden’s handlers behind it all and OBAMA!

  • I was a child in Chicago during WWII when my dad was away serving in the USArmy and fighting against fascism in Europe. We went to the movies at home and saw newsreels of Hitler screaming to masses of followers. Seeing the protesters’ antics and fervor reminds of the behavior of The Hitler Youth.

    • When are the Palastians ever going to be come decent citizens of this world. Their behaviour is disgusting and yet they have got away with it for ever. People say they are starving at the moment, yet when l see film from Gaza they are just walking around doing nothing and smoking. How can they afford to smoke! Unbelievable lie.🇮🇱🦘💫

  • anyone participating in these unacceptable practices should be booted from the university they are attending, deported if they are international students, arrested if they are citizens and charged with hate crimes and actually punished, not just a slap on the wrist. If law enforcement can’t/won’t move them out, bring in the national guards. Muslims are NOT peaceful. Gaza strip should have never been allowed for the Palestinians’. They are barbaric,evil war mongering people.

  • I’m praying for the peace of Israel. I believe that every country has the right, even under the United nations rules. A state, country not only has the right to defend its boarders they also have an obligation to protect its people and resources. God bless & lead all those in authority.

  • I doubt the student protesters do know, for all they SHOULD, because honest history has not been taught in the US since the late ’60s! Even what I was taught in the decade and some prior to that was skewed already, but it was worse after that! I learned much of what I know now AFTER completing formal education, about both world and US history. But many never bestirred themselves to do so, or just labeled it all “conspiracy theories” and worse. What today’s collegians know about history is so blatantly dishonest it’s sickening, and alarming, to many of us in the senior set. They were children or not yet even born when the infitadas happened, and our news sources here had precious little to say about them at all, when they did. I’m sure nothing has been taught but the leftist, Muslim financed and guided lies, if even that, since many of the so called “Ivy league” schools are heavily financed by Muslim dominated nations and organizations, and during those years our vocabulary has been “torqued” to accommodate Muslims’ “feelings” with no regard for anyone else’ at all, let alone truth! But the biggest problem is that many paid professional protesters, who are not students on those campuses at all, are infiltrated and leading the hate-fests now, and those are agitators as well, who are not at all opposed to use of violence or other criminal activity. They are the same agitators who cause the violence at the US capitol on J6 of ’21, and infested the racial protests over Michael Brown, George Floyd, et al. They are rioters in search of an excuse, who don’t care about any “cause”, not unlike Hitler’s ” brown shirts” in the late 1920s and early ’30s.

  • Palestinians are free. They can follow the idiot group hamas, or the can leave and find peace elsewhere. Why stay in a place where the ruling government uses you and your children as shields while firing rockets and missiles from their schools and the hospitals where you are supposed to feel safe with your doctor. If you are insane, having missiles and motors built in your children’s bedrooms may sound OK. But to sane people, that is extremely stupid. WAKE UP, you don’t have to be puppets to idiots.

  • Thank you for telling us the truth. Not many in MSM know the truth, even if it slapped them across the back of their head. Keep up the good work and may God bless you abundantly.

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