Evil Triumphs When Bible-Believers Do Nothing

Seeing the evil that is so prevalent in the world right now reminds me of the following quote: 

“The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.

While the origin of this quote and who said it first are debated, the details do little to lessen its impact. The world has become overridden with horrifying acts of hatred, violence, abomination, and pure evil; while these are all recognized by those who follow the absolute Word of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, little seems to be done to hinder its continued stealing of souls. Some of these impurities are advocated against, like non-heterogeneous relationships and abortion, but when it comes to the issue of Israel, the outrage is not as fierce as the opposition.

Does it really matter how loudly or quietly you advocate in support of Israel? The issues that Israel is faced with is currently taking the face of a potential multiple nation war. It’s much more than UN resolutions or government votes for a ceasefire. The question is, can our voice stop world powers from engaging in or preventing a war?

What is the Role that Christians Should Play? 

I propose that inaction is just as incriminating to one’s self and others as an action against the recipient. When you think of the horrors during the Holocaust, has it ever occurred to you that those who watched the anti-semitic laws pass in Nazi Gemany and the Jews being rounded up for what would become a slaughter were implicit in their murder? The ones who did not actively participate in the atrocities may not have felt that what was happening was moral or right, but, for their own safety, chose to “lay low” and avoid potential conflict with the powers of that time. What if that is what the majority of the people during that time felt? If every person who felt their stomach turn at the crimes committed would have chosen to take a fearless stand against those evils, perhaps 6 million Jews would not have been murdered during World War II.

This lack of action has deepened the stain of our Christian identity. Thankfully, there were a select brave few who saw the evils of the world surrounding them and chose to do everything in their power to stop it in its tracks. Without those, the devastation would have been far worse. Going against the masses and confronting evil was not an easy or safe role, but it was the role of righteousness. We don’t refer to those who quietly disagreed with the evil taking place during the Holocaust as innocent.

I suggest that now is a similar time in history. The number of terrorist attacks against the Jewish people is continuing to rise, as is the death toll in Israel. Anti-Israel laws are being put into place in countries around the world. Jews have once again begun to be depicted as less than human, evil, and as “puppet masters”. Jews are being encouraged to hide their identity and have had their homes marked by the ones who wish horribly vile things against them. The similarities of today and the 1930s are frightening to say the least.

This time, we can look back and see the faults of our ancestors and change our legacy. We can view the evils occurring and begin to say, “no more.” 

We Have a Choice to Make

Every person has a choice to make. When you watch the news, listen to your peers, when you talk to the cashier when checking out at Wal-Mart, you have the opportunity to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people. As this war against Israel continues and the additional war against the Jewish people escalates, you are met with the choice that so many were met with in the 1930s. Are you going to stand against evil, are you going to quietly disagree, or are you going to stand against God’s chosen land and people?

If your choice is the latter two, then you are just as implicit in the continued deaths as those who wield the knife, but if you choose to firmly oppose this evil, then you can turn the tide and reinstitute God’s goodness and light into the world. It is time to go to the Jewish people with kindness and camaraderie, to publicly advocate for them, to protect them, and ensure that those who wish for their demise are removed from power. It’s time to ensure that we are not implicit in evil men’s acts.

Peyton Chapman

Peyton Chapman is originally from Amarillo, TX. She works full-time for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as an article author, customer support representative, and in donor relations. Additionally, she serves in various operations on the ground in Israel as needed.

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  • I hear you and support Israel 1,000% but I can not but
    wonder why the Jewish population in our country supports
    Democrats, killing the golden goose ?? And not very supportive of policies’ that favor your country.
    If you need continued support from the US, we need to
    not turn to socialism/communism or we are both destined
    to the ash pile of history !! Voting democrat hastens that !!

    • I also know many Jews in the USA that are liberal democrats and pro Palestinian. I can’t understand their reasoning. If they weren’t Jewish, I’d consider them anti-Semitic.

    • I wholeheartedly agree !! The democratic party has become a defacto socialist party in my beloved US . And , for whatever reason the tide seems to be flowing their way .
      Our freedoms are being killed by a thousand cuts ! It is insidious .

  • I stand with Israel always, no matter what. I try to talk to people about Israel in my country but most people don’t really think about Israel, to them it’s just another war in the Middle East, because they don’t read the Bible, they don’t know the significance of Israel.

    • I agree with you Barbara. My co-workers have no idea how important Israel is to the world. They don’t know God and don’t read the Bible. And have no response when I mention Israel.

    • Amen. I stand with isreal for many many years and will on going. I believe the Bible. Israel is Gods chosen ones. God declares it. I believe it.

  • This was a very truthful, intelligent and humbling article.
    It should compel all of us who stand with Israel to pray more than we are, do more than were doing for them.
    The Lord Jesus lives, and He continues to draw all men unto Himself. People go the wrong way because they reject God and His Son and His authority in their lives. The enemy of all mankind has deluded them.
    Thankfully, Jesus is very creative in reaching the lost and many are being saved.

  • The Jewish community tends to run 70%-30% “Progressive “ vs. conservative. This remains a constant source of frustration for the 30% of us who sincerely appreciate the support we receive from our Christian neighbors.

  • I stand with Israel. I stand against the countries who stand against Israel and any person who thinks evil against Israel.

  • amen. Father help us to be a courageous people eager to do righteousness, your will, and always praying for our brothers/sisters to do the same, in Messiah Yeshua amen

  • Thank you for this news & information on Israel.
    All of Gods children should be praying for Israel & the United States.
    Prayers & blessings for Israel.

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