Israel Makes Precision Strike on High-Profile Iranian Site in Syria


Monday’s airstrike on a building adjacent to the Iranian embassy in Syria came only hours after an Iran-backed militia in Iraq struck an Israeli Naval base in the southern city of Eilat. Israel’s strike took out seven members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (an American designated foreign terrorist organization), with the most notable target being Mohammad Reza Zahedi. Zahedi was the group’s most senior official in Syria and was responsible for their operations in Syria and Lebanon. 

Why was Zahedi a Target for Israel?

Not only was Zahedi a high ranking official in a terrorist organization whose operations were in two countries that border Israel, but he also had ties to Hezbollah and oversaw all Iranian terrorist operations against Israel from Syria, Lebanon, and the “Palestinian Sphere”. As Hezbollah, an Iranian backed terrorist group, has continued to increase its barrage of missiles against Israel, Israel has had no choice but to make well informed, intentional, and specific targeted strikes in this “behind the curtain” war. The global focus has been so directed on the conflict with Gaza, this potentially larger and more serious war (of sorts) is continuing to fester and spread. 

In addition to Zahedi, those taken out in the strike were: Zahedi’s deputy, Mohammad Haj Rahimi, Hossein Aminullah, Seyyed Mahdi Jalalati, Mohsen Sadaqat, Ali Agha Babaei, and Seyyed Ali Salehi Rouzbahani. Each of these terrorists were officers in the IRGC. 

Is There International Concern Over This Strike?

The main concern so far has come from the United States, who in turn were threatened by Iranian officials who noted that the US would be held “answerable” for their support for Israel.

The US has since reached out to Iran confessing that they had no involvement or prior knowledge of Israel’s actions, but privately, minutes prior to the strike, Israel notified America of their plans. The US claimed that Israel did not give many details, such as the fact that the building was in the Iranian embassy compound, or adequate time, noting that Israeli jets were already in the air by the time the US received the message.

However, there is some controversy over the actual location of the strike. Most claim that it was a consulate or embassy, but in this statement, IDF spokesperson Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari claims otherwise:

“According to our intelligence, this is no consulate and this is no embassy…I repeat, this is no consulate and this is no embassy. This is a military building of Quds forces disguised as a civilian building in Damascus.”

What Happens Next?

Concerns over escalation in the conflict in the Middle East have skyrocketed in recent days and a US senior official has warned that, “it is highly likely that there is going to be an escalation in fighting between Israel and Iran and its proxies.” 

Iran has threatened Israel with serious repercussions for the airstrike, and in response, Israel called up additional reservists, strengthened its air defenses, and halted home leave for all combat troops.

The elimination of a man who was directly responsible for unceasing attacks against Israel is a significant military triumph and the risk of a hostile response from Iran does not outweigh the benefit of taking him out. 

There is no concrete guess or guarantee as to what the future may hold as this “war” with Iran heats up, but we do know that Israel is a moral nation, they do not target innocent civilians, and the God who fights for them is mightier than their adversaries. Israel has been and will continue to be a light in the darkness and there can be full certainty within the hearts of Bible believers that Israel will never perish. It has been prophesied and promised that Israel will remain throughout all eternity. So as we all watch the upcoming events unfold, we can stand on the promises of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, knowing that the schemes and snares of the enemy will be utterly fruitless.

Peyton Chapman

Peyton Chapman is originally from Amarillo, TX. She works full-time for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as an article author, customer support representative, and in donor relations. Additionally, she serves in various operations on the ground in Israel as needed.

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  • Dear Almighty God. Please stay by Israel’s side and guide the hand that smites her enemies, always and ever. Amen

      • Looks like to me, Israel, little Israel, is taking on all the goliaths in the Middle East. Other countries seem to just appease these evildoers in the Middle East. Israel has one staunch supporter though, that is the God of Israel, who neither slumbers nor sleeps when it comes to his land and his people.


  • Iran vs. Israel…God Almighty loves His chosen people and He will defend them. The Bible says those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. My country, the US, is walking a dangerous path if it refuses to help Israel.

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