What Should Be Done With Gaza?

With the safety and security of Israel in mind, one must ask, what is the best solution to finally resolve the current situation in Gaza? Land for Peace, a concept which perhaps seemed like the best of options some 30 years ago (the Oslo Accords) and which was further acted upon some 18 years ago (the Disengagement from Gaza) quickly deteriorated when the population of Gaza voted a terrorist organization into power, who tore up the greenhouses of Gush Katif to build the rockets of their so-called resistance

Since it left Gaza, Israel has only seen terrorism and radicalism on its western border. The idea of Gaza as a sanctuary for Palestinians was hijacked by Hamas, who turned Gaza into a hotbed for radical Islam and extremism, as it remains to this very day. The current conflict, which was brought on by the horrific actions of Hamas against Israeli civilians on October 7th, demands we reassess the situation concerning the best solution for all parties (minus any terrorist organizations). Since the creation of Gaza as an area exclusively for Palestinians in 2005-2006, there have always been major security concerns for the Israeli government and even more so, for Israelis living in the border towns of the Israel-Gaza border. Those concerns were horrifically realized on the day of October 7th, when approximately 3000 armed terrorists crossed the border between Gaza and Israel to indiscriminately kill, torture, rape, and mutilate men, women, and children. Now more than 90 days later, with an ongoing war in Gaza, the question that must be asked is; What should be done, to bring lasting peace for Israel, for the Gazan refugees, and for the sake of the entire region? 

Currently, the refugee crisis in Gaza is being exacerbated by Palestinian and EU officials who, it would seem, believe that the only way to prevent Gaza from being fully controlled by Israel is by keeping Palestinian civilians in harm’s way. Haaretz headlines from 6 days ago stated: “Palestinian PM to Senior EU Officials: Aid Gaza to Prevent Mass Migration.” The idea presented here is the notion that we should keep Gazan civilians in Gaza; in the areas of combat to prevent mass migration. Very strange. Israel has always been accused of keeping Gazans confined in an open-air prison with no option of leaving, and yet suddenly, when Gazan civilians would need it most, and when Israelis suggest that this would be the wisest course of action to prevent unnecessary casualties, Palestinian and EU officials oppose the idea and instead want to keep civilians in the lines of fire. 

What are these officials afraid of? That the people of Gaza might find better opportunities and livelihoods outside of the Gaza Strip? Why is this considered a bad thing? At the end of World War II, many Germans, who were not Nazis, were displaced from their homes until the Marshall plan was presented as an effective strategy to rebuild Europe. This lesson from history is how we should approach the current situation in Gaza. Palestinian civilians, who have been displaced by the current conflict, should be allowed to find a place of refuge until a proper plan for lasting peace can be decided upon. 

It is an injustice to keep Gaza civilians inside of Gaza against their will. It is recorded that as of December of this past year, “More than 6.3 million refugees from Ukraine were recorded in Europe…” . Why is it suddenly a problem for the 2 million plus Palestinians of Gaza to find refuge away from the current conflict while Israel deals with rooting out the terrorist cancer in Gaza which is Hamas? Gazans should be allowed to pursue a life outside of the confines of Gaza and outside of the confines of the ongoing conflict. The PA and Hamas want to continue to use the civilian population as human shields by preventing them from leaving the Gaza Strip. This is inhumane. This is where we must expose the agenda of Hamas, the PA, and the EU, who want to continue the Gaza refugee crisis. Our goal should be to find lasting solutions for peace in the Middle East. The plan of the PA and EU to continue to keep innocent civilians in harm’s way and then blame Israel is unethical and inhumane. 

All of that being said, it begs the question: what are the options that could and should be available for fleeing Gazans?

Here are some ideas being proposed at this time.   

As was recorded in Arab News from 2017, “Saudi Arabia is one of the largest labor markets in the world with 11 million foreign workers from more than 100 countries represented in many sectors and fields of work…” Why not offer Gazans the option of becoming foreign workers in an Arabic speaking country like Saudi Arabia?

The Times of Israel recently reported, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition is conducting secret contacts for accepting thousands of immigrants from Gaza with Congo, in addition to other nations.” Why not allow Gazans the option to voluntarily immigrate to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and/or other African countries?

PBS News notes “People in the Gaza Strip who have Canadian relatives may apply for temporary visas to Canada, the country’s immigration minister said Thursday…” Here are some options for Gazans who have relatives in Canada. Why is this idea not being promoted more?

The EU, for all of their talk, has not opened up to allow Gazan refugees into any of their countries. As was noted by EuroNews; Joseph Borell Fontelles, who is the European Union’s Representative for Foreign Affairs, stated on Twitter/X, “Forced displacements are strictly prohibited as a grave violation of IHL (international humanitarian law) …” However, Israel is not looking to forcibly displace anyone. The current question is not regarding forced displacement, but rather, where to allow Palestinians to go while the current conflict rages on. 

Why will the EU not open its doors to allow Gazan refugees to find shelter while Israel deals with the terrorist organization Hamas?

These are just a few of the many options that should be opened to allow the innocents of Gaza a haven away from the current conflict. Israel must destroy the current cancer which is Hamas—an oppressive, barbaric group, that terrorizes not only Israelis but also their fellow Gazans. This in turn will allow for new opportunities for co-existence and partnership between Israel and Palestinians who desire peace over another terror state. As we look at the current situation, there is no “best solution,” but these are better alternatives, compared to keeping innocent Palestinian civilians in harm’s way. The people of Gaza should not be pawns in the hands of Hamas or the PA, instead, we should tell the world to “Let the people of Gaza go!”    

Samuel Wearp

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  • Give Gazans a choice. Either stay in Gaza under Israeli rule or move to the West Bank under Palestinian rule. Gaza should be completely absorbed into Israel.

  • To Jerry, the West Bank is an occupied territory by the P.A. The proper name of that piece of land is Samaria and Judea! The people of Gaza should NOT be transferred to Israel, as long as they reject Israel as a Jewish State. Get your Bible and read Ezekiel 37 for yourself. We are halfway that chapter. For God is working out miracles and accomplishes His plans. The miracle is that Israel is now more united than a year ago as a nation. So, one stick. The other stick is in the proces to become one, which is the land of Israel. It should not c.q. Never be devided again. A two state solution is NOT in God’s plan. chai Israel Chai. To God be the glory, the God of Abraham, Izaak and Yacov, the God of Israel.

  • I wish that it was possible for Israel to just deport all of the Palestinians in Gaza to some other country and settle Israelis there. The nations of the world wouldn’t stand for it though as you pointed out so… I think you probably have the best interim solution until Hamas is eradicated.

    As regards sending them to the DRC, from what I hear, there is a lot of upheaval there. Therefore, the Gazans might not mess stuff up there. However, they might make it take longer to stabilize.

  • How terribly racist. Deradicalize them how you did with Germany. The expulsion of millions of Germans after ww2 is also in no way justifiable

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