Israel Gaza War Update – 4th Day

Today is the fourth day since the start of the Israel Gaza war and Hamas’ ruthless invasion of Israel. It is now being considered the most brutal attack since the Holocaust. In the last 75 years, there have not been this many Jews murdered in one day. The death toll has now passed 900, with 2,500...
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New York Times Fires Journalist for Anti-Semitic Tweets

This New York Times freelance journalist tweeted that he is in favor of killing and burning Jews like Hitler did. The New York Times has cut ties with Gaza-based journalist Fady Hanona over a string of anti-Semitic social media posts brought to light by Honest Reporting. Honest Reporting, which is an NGO that monitors the...
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Israel’s Humane Fighting Tactics

Israel has been carrying out precise strikes and taking out terrorists and terrorist leaders in the Gaza Strip, some of whom were on their way to carry out terror attacks. In response, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has launched 1,100 rockets at Israel. Tragically, four Palestinian Arab children were killed by a rocket that fell short...
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This is What the IDF Has Been Doing

Tuesday morning’s counterterrorism operation A counterterrorism unit operated in Nablus, surrounding the home of terrorist Ibrahim al-Nablusi for the purpose of arresting him. The forces called to al-Nablusi to turn himself in, but he responded by opening fire at the IDF, who returned fire and hurled grenades. The IDF also fired a number of anti-tank...
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1,000 Rockets Fired at Israel From Gaza in 72 Hours

The terror organization, Islamic Jihad, has launched nearly 1,000 rockets and mortars at Israel from Gaza in just 3 days. The Israeli military struck more than 140 Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza, eliminating much of the terrorist’s senior leadership.  During the conflict, Islamic Jihad shot a faulty rocket towards Israel which landed inside of Gaza...
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