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What Does Israel Have to Be Thankful For?

What Do Israel Supporters Have to Be Thankful For?  You may be surprised that many American Jews living in Israel continue to celebrate Thanksgiving. As American Christian Zionists who are based in Israel, we also enjoyed time with family, good food, and fellowship yesterday in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday.  As Israel finished another tumultuous...
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Terrorist – How Hard Can It Be To Say It?

After a particularly brutal terrorist attack in Samaria this week that left three Israeli Jews dead, Reuters had the audacity to report the story with the following headline:  Palestinian Kills Three in West Bank as Israeli Politics Veers Rightward Reuters is essentially acting as if the fact that Israeli citizens voting in a right-wing government...
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Why Are Tourists Afraid to Visit the West Bank (Israel’s Biblical Heartland)? 

In 2019 and pre-COVID, 4.5 million tourists visited Israel. The Holy Land is one of the most intriguing and fascinating places to visit, and whether one comes for religious reasons or simply to experience the history and beauty of this place, Israel has had a booming tourism industry for years. There’s a part of Israel,...
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Illegal Arab Building in Judea and Samaria Could Lead to a De Facto Palestinian State

Last week, we published a rebuttal to a front page article that Haaretz (a left wing newspaper in Israel) printed regarding our tree planting project in Israel. In the rebuttal, we refuted the falsehoods that Haaretz put forth, debunking the lies which stated that HaYovel had planted trees on private Arab land.  >>Sponsor a tree...
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The Birth of a Movement in Israel

In a recent interview with Arutz Sheva, former envoy Jason Greenblatt said that Biden’s views on Jerusalem were actually inconsistent with U.S. law. A new poll here in Israel gives us an update on what elections might look like in November. A powerful explosive was disarmed in southern Israel by Israeli police after being discovered...
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Stop Calling it the West Bank. It’s Judea and Samaria

Israel’s Biblical Heartland, Judea and Samaria, is mostly known and referred to by the term “West Bank,” a name given to it by Jordan in the 20th century—during its illegal occupation of the territory. The name “West Bank,” however, denies the rich history of the region, instead originating in the simple fact that it sits on the...
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