A Deep Dive Into the Idea of a Two-State Solution

“Two-State Solution” is a phrase that’s buzzing in your book club, church circle, workplace, and in nearly every news’ headline right now. If you consider it at the surface level, it sounds like a fair option that will help end the war in Israel and save lives, right? Unfortunately, the reality is far different.

What Would the Borders of Israel and a Palestinian State Be?

According to a documented discussion between President Biden and Mahmoud Abbas (Chairman of the Palestinian Authority) in July of 2022, the understood dimensions of a Palestinian state would be the entire region of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. This would essentially carve out the entire center of Israel’s landscape.

What is the Two-State Solution?

Britannica phrases it like this: “The Two-state Solution is a proposed framework for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by establishing two states for two peoples: Israel for the Jewish people and Palestine for the Palestinian people. In 1993 the Israeli government and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) agreed on a plan to implement a two-state solution as part of the Oslo Accords, leading to the establishment of the Palestinian Authority (PA).”

The agreed parameters of the Two-State solution were this: “On September 13th, 1993, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Negotiator Mahmoud Abbas signed a Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, commonly referred to as the “Oslo Accords,” at the White House. Israel accepted the PLO as the representative of the Palestinians, and the PLO renounced terrorism and recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace. Both sides agreed that a Palestinian Authority (PA) would be established and assume governing responsibilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over a five-year period.”

Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) have been divided into three different parts: Area A, Area B, and Area C. 

Area A is strictly for Arabs: the only citizens living in this region are Arabs and the governing/policing powers come from the Palestinian Authority. In fact, there are large red signs outside of every Area A in Judea and Samaria warning every Jew that it is illegal for them to enter these areas, and if they do, their lives are at risk.

Area B is for both Jews and Arabs, but not in the way you’re probably thinking. Only Arabs can live in Area B and it’s governed by the PA, but it’s policed by the Israeli military. Jews can drive through these areas, but every time they do, they are risking their lives. Countless innocent lives have been lost in Area B towns such as Huwarrah, a current terrorist hotspot in Samaria. 

Area C is for Jews – at least it’s supposed to be. Land is being stolen from the Jews by the Arabs in Judea and Samaria every single day, despite the fact that, according to Regavim, there is ample space for Arab construction projects in Areas A and B.

Here’s the issue with the Oslo Accords: the governing body in Areas A and B is the Palestinian Authority, currently controlled by Fatah, who is best described in this excerpt by JVL

“In 1993, Arafat and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzak Rabin exchanged letters in which the PLO and Israel reciprocally recognized each other. Arafat also renounced violence, but the PLO never abandoned terror, which ultimately led to the collapse of the Oslo negotiations that followed mutual recognition and has impeded peace talks ever since.”

Fatah actually translates to “conquer” and when you look at their flag you will see a pair of crossed guns over the state of Israel, making it clear what their intentions really are.

To recap, the governing body over Areas A and B has the intention of conquering Israel, which they are very clearly attempting to achieve, from stealing land in Area C to stealing innocent lives across the entire expanse of Judea and Samaria. This shows that the Oslo Accords are only being upheld by one of the two parties, therefore making them non-effective. 

A Two-State Solution doesn’t just involve Judea and Samaria, however, it also includes the Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is a fantastic example of an Arab-governed area within the 1967 borders of Israel that are currently showing less than promising results. As evidenced by the current war at hand, the elected governing body in Gaza, Hamas, doesn’t exactly have an overall goal of peace when it comes to its neighbor, Israel. 

A Two-State Solution Would Not Help the Arabs Either

We see through this current prototype of a Two-State Solution that it wouldn’t necessarily be an ideal option for the Arabs who would reside within these newly established borders either. The culture of the citizens of Areas A and B in Judea and Samaria and in the Gaza Strip are far from prosperous. The women and children face immense oppression and abuse, people who convert from Islam to any other religion are brutally tortured and murdered, and countless other heinous murders and persecutions take place against civilians for various other reasons.

Not only that, but many of the leaders in these areas control the majority of the monetary and humanitarian aid that come into these areas. This fact isn’t hidden, but rather well known. The LinkedIn account of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel posted the net worth of Hamas’s current and prior leaders, and the numbers are horrifyingly high when considering the poverty experienced by the people who should be taken care of by these men in power. The leader of Hamas, Ismail Haniyeh’s net worth is $4 billion dollars, Moussa Abu Marzook’s net worth is $3 billion, and Khaled Meshaal’s net worth is a staggering $5 billion dollars. You read that right, five billion dollars. According to the Jerusalem Institute of Justice, Mahmoud Abbas’s net worth was already over $100 million dollars in 2017. So what are they doing with these literal millions and billions of dollars? Some go toward their operations and plans, some to living high and luxurious lifestyles, and some to paying their terrorist “chess pieces” for viciously murdering innocent Jewish people. 

Wait, Terrorists Are Getting Paid for Hurting and Murdering People?

Terrorists and/or their families receive a large sum of money monthly for each and every life they steal. Per the Taylor Force Act, the United States is not allowed to donate money to organizations that are known to pay terrorists, but under the Biden administration, this unlawful and immoral act has continued. The money that the United States sends to the PA (Palestinian Authority) with the intention of helping those in severe poverty actually goes to line the pockets of terrorists. This grievous deed isn’t done haphazardly either. There is a monetary system dependent on if the terrorist has a family, how long they are incarcerated, where they live, and other factors. For a 0-3 year sentence in 2018, the payment was 1,400 shekels a month and for a 30+ year sentence the total payment per month is 12,000 shekels per month, for the extent of their life. Not only does this place a monetary value over innocent Jewish lives, but it also creates extreme incentives for many of the Arabs in these cities to murder Jews. Receiving a salary for murdering Jews is one of the highest paychecks they can receive in many of these areas. You can find the full chart on the Pay to Slay policy here. Today, the Palestinian Authority pays out a staggering $360 million dollars annually under their pay-to-slay program. 

These Aren’t the Only Issues of a Two-State Solution…

There’s another major issue woven into the complicated fabric of a Two-State Solution that’s not typically mentioned when this plan is discussed; the defense of Israel. We’ve already mentioned that both Fatah and Hamas are hostile entities to Israel’s statehood and the lives which dwell within it, but if these entities were to gain control over the entirety of the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem, the repercussions would be catastrophic. If these new borders were to actually be established, Israel would have a width of the country, from the Mediterranean Sea to the current Judea and Samaria border, that is only nine miles. I’m from Texas, and there are ranchers in the Lone Star State with driveways longer than nine miles! With a territory that small, it would be nearly impossible to defend a country from entities that are so adamant on the destruction of said country.

To Bring It All Together

A Two-State Solution sounds like an ideal option on the surface, but the issues within run quite deep. We see in the current prototype that there are extreme acts of violence against Jewish people in Arab governed areas, extreme oppression against many of the Arabs within these areas, obedience to the law is only kept by one party involved (not by the Arabs), and the new borders would have serious implications on the overall security of Israel.

What Is the Solution to the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict?

Opinions may vary, but taking the land Israel rightfully gained during the 1967 war is not a solution for any logical thinker. As of right now, Israel has set its course to eradicate the entirety of the terrorist body, Hamas, but what does a non-Hamas run Gaza look like? Hamas has been the ruling power in Gaza since the 2007 elections and the citizens in that region have been filled with malicious Hamas ideology beginning as early as elementary curriculum. What and who would fill the inevitable power void that will be left once Israel has destroyed Hamas? Rumors have flown that Israel may decide to take back the territory of Gaza, but it seems to be a relatively slim possibility. 

As the war continues to unfold, we will begin to see what the outcome will be and must remain steadfast in our prayers of protection for the innocent lives that are still being taken and for the hostages still being held in Gaza. Right now is the day and the hour to advocate for the Jewish people and against a Two-State Solution.

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12 Responses
  1. vern phillips

    Why no mention of the Biblical truths? Our ‘dividing the land’ in defiance of God’s Word began under President Carter, and America continues her downhill slide from our post-WW 2 pinnacle because of it.

    We invite God’s wrath by continuing to promote some false ‘solution’.

  2. Tina

    The definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results. By that definition the u.s. has completely lost its mind, or they are deliberately trying to keep a conflict going that will come at a higher and higher cost to Israel. They do not have your best interest at heart, they are pro – terrorism. I’m thankful that we have God’s promises to count on.

  3. P.M Vijayakumar Samuel

    I support a two state solution on my terms carve out a Palestine out of Jordan .Two states over. Israel and Wirld body will help in resettlement. Once done stop Refugee funding.

  4. Nena

    I believe that it is not a coincidence that there has not been a palestinian state, basically God is against dividing Israel and there will not be two states ever. On top of that, Palestinian Arabs are working against themselves, they are not a practical people. But then their goal obviously is not and has never been 2 states! Also there s nothing holy for arabs in jerusalem, (well done Trump and US) it s a lying prophet s imagination, they turn their back and… to Israel when they pray. as Mosab Yousef once said: mohammed flew to jerusalem one night on a donkey and the donkey is the only witness. Lies and lies and lies, the whole ideological structure is founded on lies. And we know who the father of lies is!
    As much as we need to educate people on this conflict, we need also to educate people on islam. The problem is their medieval religion and bloodthirsty prophet. There s no way islam can be reformed, some of their books like bukhari should be forbidden! more and more muslims see this and are coming to Jesus! Haleluja! it is not a religion but an ideology of conquering the world! and Israel is the first on their list! Their hatred of Jews is from the pits of hell.
    We should pray for our governments to act wisely and be on the side of Israel.
    You guys are doing a great work, it is true that christians first should be educated on the situation in Israel and its neighbours.
    I m praying for Israel and all you guys who are there helping them on the ground. I feel terrible about what they are suffering atm. My country suffered agression some 30 yrs ago and I remember sirens and shelters…Praying for the prace of Israel!

  5. Karen Moeller

    We need to find out who is friends of Israel in Samaria and Judea and add their land to Israel and commit to commerce with them and help get their house to be under code. Then make it a Nation instead of a State. Israel will consist of sons of Abraham and grafted in sons…all equal and united for peace. All respect the ancient Hebrew history, all ancient Hebrews monuments and all ancient Hebrew ancient lands…for the whole world to enjoy.

  6. Barbara Jenkins

    Israel has always been Jewish land. It has always been God’s land. It has always been a spiritual battle as well as a physical battle. Satan hates God and his chosen people, so that is why it is always so intense in Israel. Also it is good that America is helping Israel at the moment but they need to keep out of Israeli politics. In the end God Almighty will prevail, on the hills of Israel.

  7. All agreed on, but the SOLUTION lies in GOD’S HANDS. Let me explain as I connect Scripture & Dates as the LORD has guided me since 1996 & forward, but it was on 11/26/1998 that I delivered my Testimony to the two parties at stake – Romans 1:16 is clear: Salvation to the JEW FIRST, then the GENTILE… Thus my Testimony bearing the title “THE SPIRIT & THE BRIDE” – Revelation 22:16-17 – was delivered on precisely that date 11/26/1998 to the Orthodox Synagogue Kenesseth Israel Congregation in St. Louis Park, MN and then also to the Catholic Church – the LORD had revealed to me that these are the TWO BODIES that need to come together to bring PEACE to the WORLD… I know: You are thinking this is insane ! If the Jews and Arabs can’t get along and they are both descendants of Father Abraham – the Father of a multitude of Nations, certainly PEACE TO THE WORLD is all together at total IMPOSSIBILITY – only a DREAMER could come up with such non-sense…
    I agree. However in 1996 I was a born again Spirit filled Christian, determined to follow the LORD wherever HE leads me… By 1998 I had lost my Jewelry Business, cannot feed my two children (daughter 8 & son 13} but I walk and talk with the LORD and I just KNOW that HE will take care of me because I am doing EVERYTHING HE SAYS and MY very small FAMILY will be FINE… Well, my GOD guided Journey took me out of the Evangelical Church (SPEAK THE WORD) with these words: “Everybody praises ME but nobody does what I say! LEAVE! I grabbed my Bible and walked out, took the kids out of Sunday School. I never returned, just looking forward to the next square. The following week the HOLY SPIRIT guided me to “SEED OF ABRAHAM”, with Rabbi Ed. Then to SHALOM SCRIPTURE STUDIES. Both located in ST. LOUIS PARK. MN. Both are Messianic Congregations, thus I learned about JUDAISM from the Messianic Point of View. SHALOM SCRIPTURE STUDIES with 40 members split the Congregation into TWO over a disagreement concerning the JEWISH NEW YEAR – Is it Rosh Hashanah or Passover… I walked out, shaking my head; “LORD, YOU GOT TO BE BIGGER THEN 40 PEOPLE”… Everybody thinks they are the ONLY ONES going to HEAVEN… then the following FRIDAY NIGHT the LORD sent me to Kenesseth Israel Congregation as listed above. I tried to argue with the LORD: “But they don’t love YOU!” HIS response: “THIS IS MY FATHER’S HOUSE, GO HERE!” I am losing my House in December due to foreclosure since I cannot make my House payment. I again listened to the HOLY SPIRIT, entered the Synagogue and immediately met Rabbi Chaim Goldberger who entered behind me. He wanted to know my name – I said “MONIQUE WHITE”; he shook my hand (and doing so he broke his own rules since he does not know me). I was allowed to attend their service : I WAS THE ONLY WOMAN present on that FRIDAY NIGHT! It was intimidating, but I watched and once the SCROLL was placed back into the ARK I left… “Ok LORD, YOU DO SOMETHING. I did what you asked of me..”. Next step: “HANUKKAH” – still no money, it was 12.13.1998 – My house is gone in 18 Days ! I attended my first Hanukkah Festival – met Mr. Goldfarb – During Dinner he asked me if I believed that JESUS was the MESSIAH ? I answered: “Absolutely ! I prove IT to you!” I pulled my NEW TESTAMENT in HEBREW out of my purse, opened it to Matthew 12:8 ” FOR THE SON OF MAN IS LORD EVEN OF THE SABBATH” – I showed Mr. Goldfarb the verse in Hebrew : “READ THIS”! His answer: “What am I to do with this?” I said: “Well, don’t you keep the Sabbath Holy?” Him: “Of course, I am a JEW!” Me: “Well then HERE it says that HE IS LORD OF THE SABBATH, therefore HE is your LORD.” He was stunned, wanted to know more and by the end of the evening he hunted me down again and had one more question : “But you would not convert anybody, would you?” Again, the HOLY SPIRIT gave me the answer: “What do you want to convert to? YESHUA (I never say JESUS to a JEW – It’s not HIS NAME anyways – YESHUA is HIS name and the name means SALVATION) …” YESHUA is a JEW. HE did what you DO. You don’t have to convert. All you have to do is accept HIM. The KINGDOM OF GOD is within the Heart!” Mr. Goldfarb invited me to come to his CONSERVATIVE SYNAGOGUE in St. Paul MN – I knew as I watched him walk away, the he believed in YESHUA…. The next day I called the Synagogue to talk to Rabbi Chaim Goldberger … The LORD impressed on me that I had to be with the RULE MAKERS (the Orthodox)… My phone Conversation was short: Me: “Rabbi Goldberger, I sent you my Testimony “The SPIRIT & the bride” – he acknowledge receipt and said that he read some of “IT”… I continued: “I would like to talk to you about conversion …” Him: “Do you believe that Jesus is the Son of God?” Me: “Well, yes, HE is a Jewish Man” stressing the “JEWISH” part… Him: “We don’t believe GOD has a Son. We don’t believe in 3 gods, we believe in ONE GOD. We don’t believe in Angels and we don’t believe in Life after Death. So if you want to convert, you MUST renounce JESUS !” WOW ! I was shocked to my core. I asked for a personal meeting – not granted – Now it is 12.26.1998 – my house is GONE in 5 days and I still need $ 8000 to stop foreclosure. I worked but did not get paid by my twin, claiming he did not have any money… I could have pawned off some Jewelry at a huge loss, but I KNEW the LORD COULD PROVIDE… In 1993 HE miraculously provided $ 80,000 for me, when I asked HIM for money for the very first time. Thus, HE sent me back again to Kenesseth Israel Congregation for my FIRST SABBATH MORNING SERVICE. I remember the reading like it was YESTERDAY : Ezekiel 37:16-28 – but the most important Verse 22 : No longer two KINGDOMS, but ONE KINGDOM, ONE KING… I got so excited because the LORD showed this passage to me in July of 1998 as I kept studying HIS WORD, coupled with ISAIAH 49:22. My House Number is 49:16 and ISAIAH 49:16 “I HAVE INSCRIBED YOU IN THE PALM OF MY HANDS, YOUR WALLS ARE CONTINUOSLY BEFORE ME!” I built my first SUKKAH in 1998 at the LORD’S request… In 2015 I was in Jerusalem for Sukkot …during the Blood Moon. This Year 2023 I celebrated my 26th Feast of Tabernacle in my own SUKKAH. For the High Holidays, I also attended Adath Jeshurun Congregation in Minnetonka MN since 2019 where I met my favorite Rabbi Harold Kravitz – (Senior Rabbi from 1987-2023) but on the national scene, he is also the leader of 1600 Rabbis around the World and is described as “A REAL MENSCH” exactly the reason why I call him my “Favorite Rabbi” , a real leader with a heart building relationships that last forever. During this year’s Feast of Tabernacle I met Steven Spielberg – the film maker of Schindler’s List, E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark… and the latest “The Fabelmans” in select Theaters on 11.11.2023 and all theaters on Thanksgiving. Why this long explanation ? Simchat Torah – the beautiful Celebration of parading the Torah around the Synagogue – this year 2023 turned to be the worst massacre of JEWISH LIVES in ISRAEL since the Holocaust. Borders that should never have been breached were opened to the point where TERRORISTS could drive cars through the open gates because the military was called away for some “odd” reason. A border that was guarded with such technology that a cat would set off the alarms. Yet the TERRORISTS drove in ISRAEL driving through the gates unhindered. The result was 1400 Jews were murdered and hundreds kidnapped and stashed away in GAZA as hostages for the murderous group HAMAS – VIOLENCE & DESTRUCTION is their only “fame”, to kill, steal and destroy as mentioned in JOHN 10:10 – Look at the fortunes the top leaders have amassed – as mentioned above – to the tune of 3 – 5 BILLION DOLLARS – Not millions, but BILLIONS! with the help of Governments such as our present leadership in the White House – see the report above. Is there a solution to this unbelievable HORROR of HAMAS… Yes, there is and I will quote scripture the LORD showed me before Rosh Hashanah which fell on 9.11.1999 – 24 years ago – AMOS 9:11 “AND I WILL REBUILD THE FALLEN TABERNACLE OF DAVID AS IN THE DAYS OF OLD !” That is a PROMISE from the LORD – HE will rebuild the Fallen Tabernacle of DAVID – better than before… On the other side of the SCALE is PSALM 119:119 : “And the WICKED OF THE EARTH SHALL BE REMOVED LIKE DROSS; LORD I LOVE YOUR STATUTES.” So what is DROSS? Being a Jeweler, I am very familiar with this term – when GOLD is heated at high temperatures, the impurities aka DROSS float to the surface and the Jeweler scoops it up and throws it away. Then the WORD again points to the positive part “LORD I LOVE YOUR STATUTES…” So what is going to happen : It is crystal clear – based on GOD’S WORD HE will take care of the wicked and cast them into HELL for all eternity… So let me be very clear. We are already in the times of TRIBULATIONS like the WORLD HAS NEVER SEEN nor HEARD, but GOD/G-D is not mocked and will hold the evil doers accountable. After all, it is HIS idea when HE gave US HIS prayer : Our Father Who art in Heaven, Hallowed be THY NAME, Thy KINGDOM COME, thy WILL BE DONE, on Earth as in HEAVEN… That is HIS prayer and is clearly taught in Scripture – and Philippians 2:10-11 is even more specific … Every knee shall bend and every tongue confess that JESUS CHRIST is LORD, IN HEAVEN, ON EARTH and BELOW THE EARTH… Since we are humans created in the IMAGE of GOD / G-D with two eyes, two years, a nose with two holes – breath in and breath out – and ONE MOUTH – of which the LORD tells us to make sure we do not speak out of both sides of our mouth… In other words : DO NOT LIE, CHEAT. STEAL etc. The 10 COMMANDMENTS still stand, as YESHUA teaches us in MATTHEW 5:17-20 – Please read those 4 verses – I woke up in 1998 when the LORD revealed the meaning of these 4 verses – Don’t you want to called GREAT in the KINGDOM OF GOD? I DO! Those 4 verses set the TONE for what is going on in today’s World. There is so much more to disclose but let me assure you, that the LORD knows every step we make and every breath we take, between now and eternity… HE is not fooled and the evil one will be cast out into the utter darkness with all his hordes from hell. THE WORD of GOD / G-D is sharper than an double edge sword … JEREMIAH 29:11 FOR I KNOW THE PLANS I HAVE FOR YOU, PLANS FOR GOOD AND NOT FOR EVIL… THE BOOKEND VERSE IS ISAIAH 29:11 ISAIAH 29:11 and the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which men deliver to one that is learned, sayIng, Read this, I pray thee, and he saith, I cannot, for it is sealed; (12) And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying Read this, I pray thee; and he saith, I am not learned. (13) wherefore, the LORD said, for as much as this people draw near me with their mouth, and with their lips do honor me, but have removed their heart far from me. And their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men. (14) Therefore behold, I will proceed to do a marvelous work among this people, even a marvelous and wonder for the wisdom of their wise men shall perish and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. (15) woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the , and their works are in the dark, and they say, who seeth us? And who knows us? (Reader – Please read to the end of the chapter … a real eye opener … In conclusion, this AND their works are in the dark and they say, who seeth us? And who knows us? Please read to the end of the chapter … a real eye opener… In conclusion – this war will be won and solutions will be found and the GOD of ISRAEL, the ALMIGHTY ONE will establish HIS RULE on the EARTH for all to see, hear and follow… Look up, Never give up, GOD hears. GOD answers. I am not talking Rapture, but doing the WILL of the HOLY ONE OF ISRAEL… The CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH… PS: The LORD says: “GO BACK TO GENESIS 1:3 – LET THERE BE LIGHT… and LIGHT came to Be. YESHUA is the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. In the Beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with GOD and the WORD was GOD. Genesis 1:5 … AND THERE WAS EVENING AND THERE WAS MORNING THE 1ST DAY… THE DAY ACCORDING TO HIS WORD CLEARLY TEACHES THAT THE DAY DOES NOT START AT MIDNIGHT BUT AT SUNDOWN… PEOPLE : WAKE UP, READ YOUR BIBLE AND DO WHAT THE LORD SAYS…. SHALOM to JERUSALEM AND THE WORLD WITH YESHUA HA-MASHIACH IN THE HEART OF ALL PEOPLE. AMEN.

  8. Doris Kyles

    What is written in the Scriptures shall be fulfilled! Let God be true and every man a liar. God gave the land to Israel and He will not change His mind.

  9. Kaleb

    If you remove ALL Biblical arguments… the land is STILL Israel’s. The original partition gave 70% to the Arabs and FORBID JEWS from that land (this became Jordan). The remainder, was to be for the Jewish people (this INCLUDED “the west bank” and “gaza”). These were STOLEN FROM ISRAEL when it was attacked immediately after forming itself as a nation, and held under occupation until 1967.
    THIS is why we hear the “pre-67 borders” thing- they want to “undo” the SECOND major failure to commit genocide. These were not “stolen” by Israel. These were LIBERATED FROM INVADERS.

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