The Two Types of People Who DON’T Support Israel

There are two types of people in the world when it comes to those who don’t support Israel. The first are those who just don’t know. They’ve never considered Israel or the Jewish people being a relevant part of their life, and have heard rumors or headlines decrying Israel’s existence or supposed hypocrisy, and they therefore have a vague sense that they should not be supporting Israel. 

However, the beautiful thing about many people who find themselves in this position is that when faced with the truth, they quickly become the most pro-Israel people you’ll find. When they see the physical beauty of the land of Israel, the prophetic restoration that is taking place, meet the incredible pioneers who have settled the land, and realize that Israel leads the world in so many areas, they are blown away. They are willing to embrace the truth of the matter, and immediately begin standing with the only Jewish nation in the world. 

This leads us to the second group of people who don’t support Israel. These are the haters, who no matter which facts or truth they are presented with, refuse to do anything except vilify Israel and the Jewish people. Some of these people will join the mainstream chorus in spreading lies and propaganda about Israel. Whether they are news anchors who work for Al Jazeera or CNN, or social media influencers who have a following on Youtube or Tiktok, these people constantly spread lies and mistruths about Israel. Unfortunately, because of the censorship that big tech platforms engage in, their propaganda often spreads fast and far. The old adage that a lie will make it all the way around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on definitely rings true when it comes to stories from Israel. 

Others who hate Israel are content to drink the constant Kool-Aid of propaganda and believe everything they see and hear about Israel. For example, take a look at this week’s events. 

The IDF launched a large-scale military operation in Jenin in Northern Samaria this week, employing drones, aircraft, and more than 1,000 soldiers. Their goal was to eradicate terror and terrorist infrastructure in an Arab city that is infamous as a hotbed of violence, especially in recent months. The IDF’s mission was ultimately very successful, and resulted in weapons seized, terrorist centers destroyed, terrorist funds being confiscated, and eleven militants neutralized after attacking Israel. 

The lies that immediately began to circle the globe as a result of the IDF”s operation were bold and blatant. 

A Washington Post article, published on July 2nd, read: “Israeli forces launch major operation in West Bank city, killing at least 8.”

There was no mention of terrorists, no mention of who the eight people killed were, and no mention why Israel launched an operation in Jenin. This article was misleading at best. 

A CNN article, published July 4th, said: “Israeli forces launch biggest military operation in West Bank’s Jenin since 2002.”

Once again, CNN labeled Israel as the violent aggressor, and failed to mention why they launched this operation, and also failed to mention anything about terrorists. 

The BBC took the cake however, when interviewer Anjana Gadgil stated that “Israeli forces are happy to kill children” when talking to former Israeli prime minister Naftali Bennett. She went on to criticize Israel for not only operating in Jenin but in her view targeting children. Bennett refused to give in to her lies, calling her out on the fact that the so-called “children” she was referring to were actually armed militants who were killed while attacking the IDF. 

After an outcry, the BBC issued a formal apology, and Anjana Gadgil even deleted her Twitter account, in an apparent attempt to cover her embarrassment. 

These are just a few examples of the lies that circle the globe on a daily basis when it comes to Israel. Our choice however, is to make sure we are not in the category of people who hate Israel and are happy to drink the proverbial Kool-Aid. Instead, we should find out what is really going on for ourselves and base our support for the Jewish nation on the truth. 

If we are really on the side of truth, we’ll ironically find ourselves on the side of Israel. It’s inevitable.

Luke Hilton

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Luke discovered his passion for Israel at age of 16. Since then, he's shared the story of Israel's restoration across the globe through speaking tours, films, and articles, inspiring Christian Zionists to stand in support of Israel.

Luke is based out of Israel, serves as Director of Marketing for HaYovel and is an author and show host for The Israel Guys.

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  • i Served in the Israeli Army in paratrooper unit. and everytime we went on a military mission we were reminded of our duty to keep to the purity of our arm Meaning NEVER Kill Innocent people

  • We certainly live in the days of what is right will be wrong and what is wrong will be right.

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