New York Times Fires Journalist for Anti-Semitic Tweets

New York Times cuts ties with Gaza-based journalist Fady Hanona over a string of anti-Semitic tweets
This New York Times freelance journalist tweeted that he is in favor of killing and burning Jews like Hitler did.

The New York Times has cut ties with Gaza-based journalist Fady Hanona over a string of anti-Semitic social media posts brought to light by Honest Reporting.

Honest Reporting, which is an NGO that monitors the media for bias against Israel, published a list of posts made by Hanona, who was a contributor to at least six articles published by the New York Times during the latest round of fighting between Israel and Gaza-based terror groups.

In response to a now-deleted propaganda video of terrorist groups calling on Palestinians to return to “the culture of fighting and killing Israelis”, Hanona wrote:

I don’t accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I’m with killing them wherever they are: children, elderly people, and soldiers.”

“The Jews are sons of the dogs… I am in favor of killing them and burning them like Hitler did. I will be so happy.”

The New York Times said that they will no longer be working with him.

Justin Hilton

Justin Hilton is from Virginia Beach, VA and has lived almost full time in Israel since 2016. He works for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as Studio Producer and Content Manager. He is also an article author, photographer and customer support representative. Once a week, he hosts a show on The Israel Guys network.

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