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New York Times Fires Journalist for Anti-Semitic Tweets

This New York Times freelance journalist tweeted that he is in favor of killing and burning Jews like Hitler did. The New York Times has cut ties with Gaza-based journalist Fady Hanona over a string of anti-Semitic social media posts brought to light by Honest Reporting. Honest Reporting, which is an NGO that monitors the...
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From the River to the Sea – The Palestinian Narrative

When going into an Arab village in Judea and Samaria, you never know what to expect. Will someone you speak to have no problem with Jews or Israel supporters, or will they show animosity towards Israel and anyone who aligns with Israel?  For example, I recently went into a music store in a local Arab...
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Two Men – Two Speeches

One man visited the United Nations last week and made a speech. He referred to the creation of the only democracy in the Middle East as a “catastrophe”, even mentioning that this is the 73rd anniversary of that event. He spent his speech fabricating history and repeating lies. He tried to convince the UN that...
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