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Climate Change Conference Provides Another Opportunity to Condemn Israel

On November 1, leaders from all around the world assembled in Glasgow, Scotland to discuss one thing: climate change. United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland • November 2021 At this conference, Israel was disrespected in more ways than one. Mohammad Shtayyeh, the prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, made some very negative statements...
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Fighting for a Homeland

On the 104th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Palestinians all over the country lowered their flags to half-mast, treating this historic day as a tragedy. The Palestinians don’t only want the Balfour Declaration reversed, but are calling for a complete destruction of Israel. The Balfour Declaration of November 1917 called for the establishment of what...
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Will the New U.S. Ambassador do the Right Thing?

It’s true. President Joe Biden has finally appointed a United States ambassador to Israel. Thomas Nides, the newly-appointed ambassador, was the deputy Secretary of State 2010-2013.  During this time, he formed relationships with several Israeli officials and also played a fundamental role in the Obama administration’s approval of extending loan guarantees for Israel, worth billions...
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Mike Pompeo Visits the Biblical Heartland

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Shiloh and the Psagot Winery this past Sunday. This visit was even more significant than last time. His first stop was the Psagot Winery just a few minutes outside of Jerusalem and not very far into the so-called “West Bank”. However, he also visited Shiloh, and a very...
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Mike Pompeo is Speaking the Truth No Other World Leader Dared to Speak

Just this past week, on October 10th, former US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, visited Israel. Unlike most politicians, however, he traveled into Judea and Samaria. While there, he made some incredible statements about the Jewish people and emphasized the fact that Israel is not an apartheid state. Not only did he visit the Psagot...
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Why the World is Giving Up on a Two-State Solution

World leaders all across the political spectrum have given up on the idea of a Palestinian state. Besides this, a Palestinian state would actually be terrible for the Palestinian people.  What has long been the proposed borders of a Palestinian State is fading as leaders around the world are having to face the true reason...
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