August 22, 2022

Arab MK Proposes to Replace Israel’s Flag and National Anthem

The chairman of Israel’s Balad party, MK Sami Abou Shahadeh, recently called to change the Israeli flag, get rid of the national anthem, and cancel the Law of Return.  Shahadeh was quoted saying: "We need to make a serious change in the racist structure that discriminates in favor of the Jews and build a better...
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Terrorists Open Fire on Public Israeli Bus in Samaria

An Israeli bus came under gunfire while traveling on Route 60 in Judea and Samaria. Bullet holes are circled in red. (Photo credit: Israeli Hatzalah) According to IDF sources, terrorists opened fire Saturday evening at an Israeli bus near Kafr Silwad in the Binyamin Region of Samaria. The bus was filled with passengers at the...
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