Terrorists Open Fire on Public Israeli Bus in Samaria

An Israeli bus came under gunfire while traveling on Route 60 in Judea and Samaria. Bullet holes are circled in red. (Photo credit: Israeli Hatzalah)

According to IDF sources, terrorists opened fire Saturday evening at an Israeli bus near Kafr Silwad in the Binyamin Region of Samaria. The bus was filled with passengers at the time of the attack and miraculously no one was injured. The bus was traveling northward. While no one was injured, at least eight bullet holes were found on the bus itself. Security forces are still searching the area for the terrorists.

Binyamin Regional Council head Israel Ganz, who arrived at the scene of the attack, said:

"We have seen an escalation and the loss of deterrence for a while already. A very great miracle took place this evening. We insist that there be immediate, determined, and deep actions to eliminate terror and bring back deterrence in the field."

The Bus Drivers Organization said:

"Public transportation in general and buses in particular are a symbol of governance, and therefore, the drivers and passengers are attacked again and again."
"The Transportation Ministry must adopt, with the speed of light, the plan to reduce violence and terror, which was prepared by the Bus Drivers Organization and the Histadrut. The blood of the drivers and passengers cannot be forfeited."

Justin Hilton

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