Why Should You Support Israel?

The world has been torn apart over this question, a question that has large consequences. Many have become extremely passionate about this issue: whether that is a hostile or a loyal passion. It also provokes the following, deeper questions that many people may not have an answer to: why do you or do you not support Israel?

In order to fully answer the first question, it is imperative to first answer the latter. As nations have shown avid support and disdain for this small stretch of land, it must be investigated as to why they have chosen these stances. South Africa, for instance, has taken an extremely strong stance against Israel, even to the degree of bringing a case to the ICJ accusing Israel of genocide against the Palestinians. You can find a brief summary of what genocide is and if Israel is commiting it here. The President of South Africa claims that they have brought this case to the ICJ because they have tasted the bitter fruits of genocide in their own country and are determined to be on the right side of history. The Colombian president has aligned himself similarly by means of continued criticism towards Israel’s actions and even referred to Israel as neo-Nazis just weeks after the October 7th massacre took place.

In contrast, the US remains Israel’s biggest supporter, both governmentally and within civilian populations. In fact, the US population is the only “rich” country that still has a positive net favorability towards Israel, much to many Arab countries’ dismay. Mark Mellman, president of the Democratic Majority for Israel, says that part of the support America has for Israel is this

“But there’s also … a long historical affinity, a belief that the Jewish people have a right to a state and a right to a homeland, in their historic homelands, which had been the homeland of the Jewish people for thousands of years. And that sort of biblical perspective, if you will, animated some Americans in this respect. But basically, we had two countries that had similar values and similar interests. Those have been the things that have really brought the United States and Israel so very close together.”

Why Are We Seeing Such Extreme Viewpoints When It Comes To Israel?

While there are ample explanations as to why you should support Israel without Biblical evidence, those reasons are only strengthened once you include the Bible. The reports coming from the US prove that when decisions are made within the context of the Bible, support for Israel follows. The criticisms and claims brought against Israel in countries such as South Africa and Colombia, however, have proven to lack sufficient evidence related to the validity and source of their blatant disdain for Israel and, in turn, cause it to appear as though they are grasping at any possible story to prove they have a reason for their contempt other than their own anti-semitism.

It’s easy to see the evidence that Israel is not committing genocide nor has any ambitions to. It is a simple and easy choice to support a country that has chosen to defend itself from a terrorist organization that massacred and kidnapped over 1,200 of its citizens, but through quick searches, it appears as though this is not the general consensus. This can only bring us to another understanding: the reasoning for the support of Israel, or lack thereof, has no relation to physical reasoning and sense: this is a spiritual issue.

What’s the Root of This Animosity Against Israel?

This hostility can be related to none other than the age old anti-semitism that has plagued the Jewish people since the beginning of creation. From the Moabites, Amalekites, and Philistines, to the Nazis, Hezbollah, and Hamas. The Jewish people have always been attacked and hated for no apparent reason, but with deeper investigation, it is due to the fact that they are God’s chosen people. No other people group in history has experienced the continued hardship and hatred that the Jewish people have and the current stance against the Jewish people is no exception to the rule. It is apparent through the Scriptures that God has chosen these certain people and there will be immense hardship for them, yet the God who goes before them will carry them through every trial and tragedy. Just as it was unlikely that the Jewish people would have been able to survive and become a renewed nation following WWII and begin speaking in their native tongue that had long been forgotten, so will God revive and renew them in every other hardship. They have been promised this Land, the Land of Israel, by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and so shall it be. 

So, Why Should You Support Israel?

The answer is just as simple as it appeared to be in the beginning, even after deepening the essence of the question. In simple terms, the answer to this question is: yes. Yes, you should support Israel. You should support the promise that God made to the people God has chosen. Whether this is the ideology that your neighbors or even other nations hold, there has never been an overwhelming amount of support for Israel, yet Israel has remained and will continue to remain. The end of the story has already been given to us and we know exactly what that means for Israel. To stand against Israel would be a bold statement to also stand against the God who reigns over it. 

Peyton Chapman

Peyton Chapman is originally from Amarillo, TX. She works full-time for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as an article author, customer support representative, and in donor relations. Additionally, she serves in various operations on the ground in Israel as needed.

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  • May God’s army surround you and protect you as He has promised. May His love enfold you and give you peace.

  • My Love to the Land of ISRAEL!! ,,,and the WORLD!

    This WHOLE WOLRD cannot operate like a bunch of silly goofs (like South Africa, Columbia {Where I had internation students from both localities})……In college we were more in apt than leaders can perform today!!
    And What about UKRAINE? Why have we disowned them, also!?? Our so called pres (biden?)

    May ALL the WORLD UNITE and be RESPECTFUL? (Does anybody really know that word??

  • My wife and I are both Christians who stand with God’s chosen people and the Jewish nation of Israel to live in peace and defend themselves. The majority of Palestinians aren’t interested in a two state solution, only Hitler’s final solution! God bless Israel and the Jewish people!🙏💕🇮🇱🇺🇸

    • This message is for the president of Africa on oct 7 Babies were killed , the women’s killed elderly kill and you what do you call that.
      God will be the Judge

  • I know God will stand with Israel, always has, always will do. As a bible believing Christian God has given me a love for Israel. I don’t know if l would have that if l wasn’t a bible believing Christian. I believe the God of Israel has given me that special love of Israel.

    • This message is for the president of Africa on oct 7 Babies were killed , the women’s killed elderly kill and you what do you call that.
      God will be the Judge

  • I will always support Israel!! I have always desired to go to Israel since I became a Born Again Christian 💗💗. Here in the US we have have become more and more indifferent towards God and Christians and we have therefore forgotten how Important Israel
    Is to the World!! But like you said we know the End ! And God s Will will be done and Israel will still be standing strong when Jesus returns 😊💗💗💗!!

  • I pray this is the generation of whom Yhwh God spoke, when He told us they would at last see their Messiah, and KNOW Him for Who He is! So long they have waited for this gift brought into the world by them, yet lost to, and hidden from, them for nearly 2 millennia, so that we Gentiles could know His love and grace for us too. We are not the children of the Covenant, but “adopted”, as it were, by the Father of the house, and brought in to share in the love and blessings, as the adopted children of a family do. Now it’s time for the birth children to renew their place in the covenant and come into the fullness of it.

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