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A series of crazy events have been happening over the last few days in regard to Israel and Iran. Reports are saying the CIA gave Israel a 48 hour warning yesterday about a full scale Iranian attack, Israel is calling up Airforce reserves and deploying ballistic missiles to Eilat.

Watch the show to get an urgent update on all the latest developments.

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  • How can you call yourselves “The Israel Guys” when you don’t seem to understand the centuries old war between Israel and the Arabs? Please educate yourselves by reading the Bible where you can learn the true story. IN SHORT: It begins in Genesis with the birth of Isaac and his half brother Ishmael, only then will you begin to understand what’s really going on between Israel and her Arab neighbors. (Issac is the Father of the Jewish people and Ishmael is the Father of the Arabs.) The reason the Arabs don’t want the Red Heffer’s sacrificed is because that is what is needed for Israel, the Jewish people, to start building their third Temple. The Arabs don’t want the third Temple built, they believe by preventing the building of the third Temple they will prevent the return of the Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ. The return of the Messiah terrifies the entire Arab nation because he is returning to protect Israel from her enemies, (the Arabs being one of Israel’s many enemies) by destroying them. For quick reference read the books of Genesis, Daniel and Revelation.
    As a Born-Again Christian, I am praying for God’s guidance and wisdom for you and your organization.

    May God Bless you in your future endeavors.

    • Hello Kathy
      Why are you so hard to the Israel Guys?
      They have written about the Red Heifer before.
      Well, you explained it to a 100 % maybe and this is great.
      So we learnt more about the old relationship between Arabs and Israel people, especially that they don’t like the Jewish Messiah. I am glad HE came and died for the whole world.
      But I like the Israel Guys. Yes, they need our prayers (for protection, wisdom etc.)
      Have a good day! God bless you.

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