EXCITING: Red Heifers Arrive in Israel in Preparation for the Third Temple

I’ve often said that Jerusalem is the hottest piece of real estate in the entire world. By that, I mean that no other single piece of land attracts so much attention from people of all nations and faiths. Many times that attraction is positive. Sometimes, it is violent and negative. However, there is a spot inside of Jerusalem that takes the volatility of the holy city to another level: the Temple Mount. 

The Temple Mount is the site of the 1st and 2nd Temples, it is where Titus completed his conquest of Jerusalem, this is where Jesus died, was buried, and rose again, and the place that three faiths all claim as holy. 

You could say that everything that happens in Jerusalem is part of the prophetic journey that will ultimately lead to the Messiah setting His feet on the Mt of Olives and the redemption being enacted. This week, an exciting new development occurred, not in Jerusalem, but at the Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv that is another step on this redemption process. 

In an incredibly exciting development, five red heifers landed in Israel yesterday. According to rabbis and leaders in the Orthodox community, these heifers could be used to reinstate many of the practices of the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem, even before the 3rd Temple is rebuilt. 

Zac Waller, the Executive Director of our organization HaYovel, was privileged to attend the welcoming ceremony at the airport, along with a group of Christians and Jews. Ironically, the search for these red heifers, as well as the process of bringing them to Israel, has been spearheaded by a Christian Zionist from Texas. 

The Orthodox Jewish community was especially welcoming of the fact that those from the nations should indeed be involved in the process bringing the red heifers to Israel, an astounding view as this is part of the Jewish journey to restore the Temple services in Jerusalem. At the welcoming ceremony, the small group witnessed the unloading of the heifers, recited blessings of thanksgiving, sang and danced, enjoyed a l’chaim, and even blew the shofar to celebrate this momentous occasion. 

As Israel approaches the beginning of the fall feast season, the heightening of good versus evil could not be more strongly felt. While Jews and Christians worked together to bring the first red heifers to Israel in more than 2,000 years, those who hate Israel have been making very concrete threats to enact riots and violence on the Temple Mount during Rosh Hashanah and the rest of the upcoming fall holidays. 

While we’re moving ever closer to the time of redemption, the forces of evil are working overtime to stop God’s plans and purposes. 

It’s incredible that several red heifers have been brought to Israel, and could potentially be used in the reinstatement of the Temple services in the near future. At the same time, as believers in the Bible and God’s prophetic plan for Jerusalem, we first have to care about, and advocate for the place where God chose to place His Name, and where He said a House would one day be restored as a House of Prayer for all nations (Isaiah 56:7). 

Whether Jew or Christian, from Israel or from the nations, we cannot let the enemies of Zion win. This Rosh HaShanah or Sukkot, do your part, and ascend the Temple Mount so that those who want to see God’s plans destroyed will know for sure that God’s followers will not let them win this war. If you’re not able to be in Israel, tune in to those who are, and pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and specifically, that the most volatile piece of real estate in the world, the Temple Mount, would soon become a place where light will be sent forth from Zion. 

Jerusalem and the Temple Mount will one day be restored as a House of Prayer for all nations. May it be soon and in our day. 

About the author

Luke Hilton is the Director of Marketing for HaYovel, an organization that brings Christians to Judea and Samaria, the Biblical Heartland of Israel, to serve the land and people in volunteer service. Luke has been speaking about Israel since 2011, and has traveled extensively in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia speaking about Israel. He currently co-hosts The Israel Guys Youtube channel and podcast. Luke is based in Israel with his lovely wife Olivia and their five beautiful children.

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17 Responses
  1. Mike Stroud

    I understand for the Orthodox Jews, the red heifers are important, but what importance are they really? Jesus has accomplished all that is necessary for our salvation and sanctification. All the sacrifices and rituals were given to the Jews as a shadow of the work of Christ. Am I wrong?

    1. Kathryn Dewalt

      No! You are correct!
      I have listened to a couple of Messianic responses to these Red Heifers…and Amir Tsfarti’s video makes sense.
      It seems that more focus should be placed on YESHUA HAMASHIACH and His glorious gift of Salvation. Reinstating temple sacrifices is a smokescreen. The Jews need YESHUA…not burnt offerings!

    2. Mark

      The red heifers, sacrifices etc. add nothing to our salvation which is 100% by grace through faith in Christ.

      What they do point to is the end times prophecy in the book of Revelation. It should encourage us to prepare even more for the Lord’s return. Hallelujah!

      We are called to discern the times per Luke 12:56.

    3. I believe, from what I have heard, that it may be a sign of the second coming of Christ. That is what makes it exciting. Christ was the complete sacrifice for the sin of man, “it is finished.” However, the sacrificial times are reinstated after the temple is rebuilt. Maybe they will start breeding these red heifers in preparation for those times of ceremony. Obviously, this group of Jewish rabbis and priests do not believe in Messiah Yeshua, but are falling back in the old system of animal sacrifice as a atonement for sin. Not sure how accurate all this is, or if it is really happening but certainly the times are ripe for Christ return. May God prepare our hearts and awaken His people.

    4. Don Palmer

      I believe you are correct in what you have said that Jesus has accomplished all that is necessary for “our” salvation. However, we as Christians are living in the “Age of Grace”. This “Age of Grace” didn’t follow the “Age of Law” it merely interrupted it.

      When Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a colt, He had set that whole sequence up so that he did so on the exact day prophesied by Daniel 9:25. This is the prophecy regarding the 70 weeks of Daniel. These are weeks of years and years in scripture are consistently defined as 360 days, so Daniel’s prophecy was saying that after 69 weeks, from the decree of Artaxerxes to rebuild Jerusalem ( Nehemiah 2 , 5-8 and ff). The Messiah would present Himself to the people but He would be “Cut Off” or Executed.
      Jesus held the Jews responsible to recognize the day from this mathematical prophecy that works out to 483 years of 360 day years or 173,880 days. Jesus as he saw the city, He wept over it and said ” If you had known, even you, especially in this YOUR DAY!

      In Romans 11, 25 Paul wrote: 25 I do not want you to be ignorant of this mystery, brothers and sisters, so that you may not be conceited: Israel has experienced a hardening in part until the full number of the Gentiles has come in,.
      This “full number of the gentiles” is you and me.. the church. That is what the rapture is all about. The church will be removed from the earth so that Israel can conclude the final week of years again, as prophesied in Daniel.
      The rapture concludes the “Age of Grace” and Israel will have their eyes opened and at first return to the Law and sacrifice. Ezekiel 39: 22 is when there eyes will be opened. This will result in the reinstatement of their Old Covenant relationship with Him and the 70th week will commence.
      A lot of the information I have provided can be found in an excellent book written by the dearly departed Jack Kelley. The title is “7 Things You Have To Know To Understand End Times Prophecy.”

    1. Vicki Thompson

      I think that Christians should not be supporting in any way the rebuilding of the third temple because Jesus was the temple of God when He walked on the earth and now we, the church, are the temple of God. The third temple is where the Antichrist will set himself up as God and the Jews will then have to flee for their lives. Yes, pray for Israel!!!

    1. Jared Cavanaugh

      Can we talk about the war crimes committed on both sides of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Save your breath if you’re going to use faith to justify human rights violations.

  2. William

    4 or 5 Red heifers?
    Will the priests wait to see if they have blemishes and how long?.
    This is one sign of many to come if so?
    Thank you,

  3. Melissa

    Hi, The news of the red heifers being flown from Texas is so interesting and exciting! But we’re are the pictures or videos of the calves?

    You all do great and amazing work for the L-rd!