Red Heifer

Amidst Red Heifers, Riots & Anti-Temple Rhetoric, the World’s Eyes Are Focused on Jerusalem

The Shemitah (sabbatical year) is over! This means that an entire year of allowing the land of Israel to rest is finished, and the time has come to begin planting trees.  Our team is already hard at work, and yesterday we put our first 150 trees in the ground at the Arugot Farm in Judea....
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EXCITING: Red Heifers Arrive in Israel in Preparation for the Third Temple

I’ve often said that Jerusalem is the hottest piece of real estate in the entire world. By that, I mean that no other single piece of land attracts so much attention from people of all nations and faiths. Many times that attraction is positive. Sometimes, it is violent and negative. However, there is a spot...
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