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Why Teach Your Kids to Hate?

On Wednesday morning, December 8th, a fifteen-year-old Arab girl crept up behind a Jewish mother walking to school with her children, and stabbed her in the back with a knife. The husband of the woman who was injured, Dvir Cohen, was on reserve duty in the IDF and was therefore not around when the incident happened.

On Wednesday afternoon, he revealed that the girl who stabbed his wife was also their neighbor, and that they had experienced  harassment from her family in the past. He said, “She was our neighbor and she knows us. Of course they weren’t the kind of neighbors you could borrow eggs or milk from. We suffered daily harassment from them.”

Upon her arrival at Hadassah Mount Scopus Medical Center, Mrs. Cohen’s condition was listed as light. Let’s continue to pray for her full recovery. 

What I want to focus on today is not the attack itself, but the hatred that many of the Arabs and Palestinians have for the Jewish people. It seems very sad to me that a fifteen-year-old girl would have the nerve to sneak up behind a Jewish mother with her children  and stab her in the back. Where does this kind of hatred come from? I think we need to look at the roots and see what these Arab children are being taught in their schools.

One instance of terrorism being taught in a Palestinian school would be the Arab-Israeli who shot and killed Eliyahu Kay last month. This terrorist was a teacher in an Arab school and was therefore most likely teaching his students to hate the Jewish people, as well as telling them that to die in the act of murdering a Jew would be the highest honor you could receive. 

In 2015, a report was published by the Palestinian Media Watch about the atrocious propaganda being taught in Arab schools. According to the Jerusalem Post, the report said,

“The PA has named dozens of schools after terrorists, including one school named for Haj Amin al-Husseini – the grand mufti of Jerusalem during the British Mandate, who was a Nazi collaborator and war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians. Children attending such schools have been interviewed on official PA television and explained that studying in schools named after terrorists has turned the institutions’ namesakes into role models.”

War criminals being used as role models? No wonder so many young Palestinians and Arabs think it such a glorious honor to murder a Jew. 

The report went on to say,

“The PA and the politically dominant Fatah movement that is also headed by [PA President Mahmoud] Abbas, teach Palestinian children through their official communication structures that Jews and Israelis possess inherently evil character traits. Fighting [Jews and Israelis] is said to be heroic and even Allah’s will. Terrorists who have murdered dozens of Israeli civilians are said to be national heroes and Islamic Martyrs.”

Here we see again that death is being glorified in Arab and Palestinian schools. How long will this love of death and killing go on?

Please continue to pray for the protection of the state of Israel and that very soon, Arab hatred for Israel will cease. Former Prime Minister, Golda Meir, summed it up best when she said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

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2 Responses
  1. I can only wish to be your Esther. . . . a gentile I am. . .born and raised a Seventh Day Adventist, with interest in archaeology, history and the Last Days Prophecies. You need some two, to fulfill Revelation 11 where they come from the North Gate of the Temple Mount, with the four angels who bring the Ark of the Covenant and or the Ten Commandments of God out of hiding. . .in Ezekiel 9.

    The logical meaning of the Two Witnesses, is they are saved by the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ Our Messiah. . .one must be a female and a male. Perhaps the sins of Adam and Eve that brought us here, . . . can be solved by two Gentiles who have found “the light” by visiting Israel time and again?

    I have a friend named Mr. Wisdom, and I wish to complete the journey from USA to Israel one last time, to see if we are the two witnesses, ,who die, come alive and are taken to heaven in Revelation 11.

    We both have seen enough wars in families divided. . . .as if we are in a civil war again.

    We await THE SIGN from heaven, to come to Jerusalem and ask God if He will permit us to die for Him?

    For 36 years this plan has evolved through the Holy Spirit and divine intervention. . . . as if our lives have both seen the destructive quality between family and friends.

    If it be God’s will that we should arrive, then let us pray to see these two are taken to heaven as if it is a surprise that OUR GOD, can do, what man does in spacesuits, our GOD can recreate us into the living from the dead, to His Home, Palace, and mansions He has made for us in Heaven.

    Paradise? Why not? It is God’s way of ending the last days with HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and not ours.

    God Bless and Keep you safe until He returns again, soon. Amen

  2. Alfred Zinn

    I am just conjecturing here:
    Let the Palestinians have a look first at the Inherently natural character traits that lie in their mother’s milk, the DNA, regarding their historical Arab background.
    One has only to go back to Mohammad’s behavior, or before, to get to the roots of the aggression of the Arab tribes at the time. Historical illustrations mostly depict an Arab wielding a sword, about to slay someone, never a firearm, or was the sword a ‘preferable’ way to slay? Could it be something else or is it a trait of nature alone?
    Maybe introspection on their part on this subject would be advisable.