Israel has been carrying out precise strikes and taking out terrorists and terrorist leaders in the Gaza Strip, some of whom were on their way to carry out terror attacks.

In response, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has launched 1,100 rockets at Israel. Tragically, four Palestinian Arab children were killed by a rocket that fell short and landed inside of Gaza.

One out of every four of the rockets that were shot landed in Gaza.

The world is blaming Israel for the death of the four Palestinian children, even though there is video footage of their own rocket falling short and landing inside Gaza.

Real Conversation: Israeli Security Agent and Gaza Civilian

Read this translated transcription of a real conversation that happened between an Israeli security agent and a Gaza resident on August 6, 2022.

Israeli Security Agent: “What’s your name, sir?” 

Gazan resident: “Abu Haseira.” 

Israeli Security: “Abu Haseira, may God bless you, listen to me carefully. 

Gazan: “Okay.”  

Israeli Security: “Look my brother, you know how we act, okay? I don’t want anyone to be hurt, I’m telling you that I see people returning to homes, to buildings, and going out. Now, help me, is the Khalifa building empty?” 

Gazan: “There’s no one there now.” 

Israeli Security: “Okay, are you certain there’s no one there now, are you sure? You saw it with your own eyes?” 

Gazan: “I see with my own eyes that there’s no one on the street.” 

Israeli Security: “Okay, are the homes empty behind the house, where the stores are?” 

Gazan: “They’re all empty.” 

Israeli Security: “So who are those four people I saw coming out four minutes ago?” 

Gazan: “We told them to go out because they’re going to bomb the house out back, so they went out, they were afraid about where to go, then they went out.” 

Israeli Security: “Okay, now listen, all the buildings and homes around the Khalifa building are empty, right?” 

Gazan: “Yes.” 

Israeli Security: “Listen to what’s going to happen in four minutes, okay? Soon I’m going to open fire, I will fire a warning rocket, okay? I don’t want people standing in the intersection.” 

Listen to the conversation here:

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