Women’s Rights Only Apply if You’re Not Jewish

Women’s rights have been one of the primary focuses and debates among the majority of people in recent years. Women have had a long history of being treated as royals and as far from royalty as imaginable. In order to ensure that women are treated with kindness and respect, many have begun to wonder what that looks like. While the pinnacle of this debate seems to be focused on whether a woman’s place is in the workforce or the home, these concerns pale in comparison to the women’s rights that are currently being violated in Israel. If the citizens of the world truly care about women and the way they are treated, now is the time to speak up in the defense of the innocent women who have experienced atrocities beyond most people’s comprehension. If we have decided to take the stance to listen to, believe, and support women, then we cannot pick and choose which women to support or not support. We must support the unlistened to, unacknowledged women.

Does the UN Care About Women?

UN Resolution 1820 states that the UN: “recognizes sexual violence as a weapon and tactic of war; notes that rape and other forms of sexual violence can constitute a war crime, a crime against humanity, or a constitutive act with respect to genocide, stresses the need for the exclusion of sexual violence crimes from amnesty provisions in the context of conflict resolution processes and calls upon the member states to comply with their obligations for prosecuting persons responsible for such acts, to ensure that all victims of sexual violence, particularly women and girls, have equal protection under the law and equal access to justice, and stresses the importance of ending impunity for such acts as part of a comprehensive approach to seeking sustainable peace, justice, truth, and national reconciliation.”

This resolution is entirely necessary and something every person should agree on, however, the UN doesn’t appear to be applying it to Jewish victims nor to the horrors that Israeli women and children suffered at the hands of Hamas.

The measure of violence that was executed upon these innocent women is so sadistic that it is unimaginable that any human would be able to commit these deeds and horrifying enough to make any person who has even a slight moral compass tremble and feel sick to their stomach. These men raped multiple women and girls and according to the Times of Israel were given permission to rape a girl’s corpse. Israel Today shared information that some Gazans mutilated these innocent civilians to the point that it was difficult to tell whether they were male or female. 

The UN has released multiple articles noting the “dire” situation in the Gaza Strip directly inflicted by Israel but has made little mention of the recognized war crimes committed by the same people Israel has defended itself against. This, rightfully, has many Jewish women up in arms, but, sadly, it seems as though no one else is infuriated by this. The UN has the responsibility to uphold their own resolution even when it contradicts the narrative of which  they are attempting to convince the majorities. 

The women and children of Israel should have never suffered the atrocities and, even more so, it should not be implied that these crimes were justified due to the “Israeli occupation.” This willful condonement only further exploits the disregard for Jewish lives.

Does the World Actually Care About Women’s Safety?

If those who were attacked on October 7th, 2023, had been your mother, sister, or daughter, would you have wanted to hear that they “deserved” what had happened to them? Or would you have wanted the world to act on their behalf and impose justice upon the ones who had enacted these barbaric atrocities against them? The events that occurred on October 7th were not “acts of resistance,” they were acts of hatred, evil, and disregard for life. The beliefs of individuals regarding the “Israeli oppression” in the Gaza Strip should be completely irrelevant when referring to the crimes committed against the families and civilians in these innocent Israeli towns. No amount of “oppression” warrants the blatant war crimes enacted against the Jewish people during this dark day in history. No woman or child deserved a single one of the vile deeds that were inflicted upon them, and they should be defended and fought for on a world scale. If you truly believe that women should have rights, now is the time to stand up for that belief.

Peyton Chapman

Peyton Chapman is originally from Amarillo, TX. She works full-time for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as an article author, customer support representative, and in donor relations. Additionally, she serves in various operations on the ground in Israel as needed.

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  • I completely agree with everything said. However, I have the same question as Connie Dye. What do we need to do?
    Also, this information is not being shared with the world on international news. If more people knew about it, I’m sure more people would stand up. In the mean time, we pray. But honestly, we just don’t know what to do because sharing this information is not taken as truth since it is not international news. It has to get to the international news agencies.

  • The U.N. is an absolute disgrace. All the money and prowess is unbelievable. I just hope the U.S. kicks them out of their country soon. Same goes for all their other incorporations as well. The way they have treated Israel is disgraceful. I am glad that the Israeli U.N. Ambassador has stood up to them. He is the only one really there for Israel. On another point l don’t think the Israeli women that have been captured by that evil Hamas will ever be the same women, sad to say. But the Lord allowed this evil to happen so we have to trust his judgement and go on and serve him!

  • God sees all that he going on and He will judge them accordingly. I pray that the victims will be spiritually and physically healed of their pain and the shame they feel.

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