The global opinion on Israel is shifting and shipments of arms from the U.S. have been frozen for months now. Will Israel have to fight this war alone? Do they have the capability to defend themselves without international help?

Join us on today’s show as we take a historical look at Israel’s military growth and discuss how Israel may fare in the midst of this current crisis.

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Joshua Waller

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  • I am so very confused. Why would God’s chosen people need the weapons from another country!
    Are God’s chosen people not capable of manufacturing their own weapons?
    Obviously the greatest question is why would God abandon his chosen people.
    Why does the god of the chosen not smite the Arabs.
    Extraordinarily interesting that the chosen people need the goyim more than the goyim need the chosen one’s.
    The truth of the chosen people’s significance is becoming clearer with every passing day.

    • no disrespect meant here, but in the bible, GOD has allowed Israel to go through many trials and suffering. Some of this was meant as punishment for
      their stiff necked pride( I do not believe that is the current situation). GODS promises are to the nation Israel (the apple of his eye) not specifically to the
      Jewish people. You are somewhat off track. And as a Jewish believer in Jesus, the Abrahamic promise “I will bless those who bless you and curse
      those who curse you” was to all people-not JEWS or”GOYIM”.

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