UN will take a vote tomorrow on the full recognition of the Palestinian terror state. The big question is will Joe Biden stop it? As all this goes down Trump takes a clear stand against creating a PA state and stands solidly with Israel and its sovereignty over the region!

Ben breaks it all down for you on the show.

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Ben Hilton

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    • Agreed 👍🏻
      HaShem please destroy these evil 😈 terrorists 👏🏻💟

    • Mr President, please adhere to the majority of US citizens’ will to back our ally, Israel. AND DO NOT FLY IN ANY PLO TERRORISTS INTO OUR COUNTRY.

  • I would like to see the evidence of the PA, who really does not have any power, truly supporting Hamas.

  • Refer to the Arabs in Samaria, Gaza, etc. has Arabs instead of Palestinians, please.

  • They had a State, in Gaza.
    But Hamas Blew it for them.
    Sending rockets daily from terror tunnels.
    How can you Not Defend Your Territory

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