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600,000 People Take to the Streets in Support of Israel’s Judicial Reform Plans

Whilst mainstream international media Israeli networks have been reporting on the weekly demonstrations in Israel that have attracted tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of people in protest of the proposed judicial reform, a different kind of rally took place in Jerusalem last night. While some reports place the numbers at 200,000, others say...
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The Decision is No Different, But Simply More Defined

A significant portion of my time each week is spent producing content about Israel. I’ll be honest though. Since January of this year, I’ve gotten tired of constantly reporting about the terror attacks that have been taking place on a weekly basis.  For instance, this week there was a shooting attack in Jerusalem about three...
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This is When Our Commitment to Standing With Israel is Tested

Once again this past Friday, the enemies of God raised their heads, murdering two sisters and their mother in Israel’s Heartland via a shooting attack on their car in the Jordan Valley. They were murdered simply for one reason: they are Jews who live in the land of Israel.  The question for us as Christian...
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