How Many More Jews Must Die? 

I had the pleasure of meeting Miriam Fuld this week. Later, I found out that the anniversary of her husband Ari’s death was only a few days before she so graciously hosted us at her home. We were privileged to interview her as she told us the story of Ari’s life and legacy. 

On September 16th, 2018, Ari was stabbed in the back in a terrorist attack outside a supermarket in Gush Etzion. Even though mortally wounded, Ari valiantly drew his personal weapon, and chased after and neutralized the terrorist, undoubtedly saving multiple lives, although at great personal cost as he afterward collapsed, and shortly after, passed away from his wounds. 

To spit in the face of Ari’s wife and children who he left behind, the Palestinian Authority this week decided to double the salary they have been paying to his murderer. Instead of receiving $522 per month, the despicable terrorist who killed Ari Fuld will now receive $1,044 every single month. Why is he on the payroll of the Palestinian’s government? For one reason: because he murdered a Jew. 

In memory of Ari Fuld’s life and legacy, his family established the Ari Fuld Project to continue Ari’s mission of guarding and defending Israel, both physically and through political advocacy, providing food and equipment for IDF soldiers, and through teaching Torah and defending Israel through thousands of videos on social media. The Ari Fuld Project also awards an annual prize in Ari’s memory – this year, they awarded the “Ari Fuld Lion of Zion” award to Yishai Fleisher, international spokesman for Hebron for his dedication to defending the land and people of Israel. 

I want you to understand something. Arab Islamic extremists get paid by their own government to murder Jews. The Palestinian Authority, on the anniversary of the murder of Ari Fuld’s murder, DOUBLED the terrorist’s salary, simply as a slap in the face to God and Ari’s family. 

What was the Fuld family’s response to Ari’s murder? A project to carry on his legacy. An annual award to go to those who are settling, defending, and pioneering in the land of Israel. Miriam Fuld told us when we met her this week that one of the next projects is to organize Ari’s weekly Torah teaching videos so that they can be published as essays, and eventually, a book. 

One response to terrorism is to build, settle, defend, pioneer, teach, and build. 

The other response is to murder more Jews. 

Which response do you think God looks favorably on? 

In two days, the Jewish people will fast from food and water for twenty-five hours for Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement), the holiest day of the year. The least we can do as Christian Zionists is to fast and pray with our Jewish brothers and sisters. As we go from Yom Kippur into the feast of Sukkot, the most joyous holiday in Israel, and a feast that the nations can and will participate in, we should dig deep to figure out how God would have us more courageously stand with His Kingdom this year, and the next, and the next. 

Because if more Bible believers firmly stood with the Jewish people’s right to be sovereign in their land, more Jews like Ari Fuld would not die. If more Americans would go to their representatives and demand that the Taylor Force Act, a law prohibiting US tax-dollars from going to terrorists, would be more strictly enforced, the Palestinian Authority would physically be prohibited from spending $300 million dollars annually in stipends and salaries to terrorists and their families who have murdered or injured Jews. If European governments would stop funding the Palestinian Authority, they would not have $300 million dollars annually to pay murderers and their families. 

If more Bible believers would visit Judea and Samaria, support the pioneers who live here financially, defend Israel in the public arena, demand that their Israel tours visit the Biblical Heartland, and would push back on the anti-Israel rhetoric and propaganda in the media, Jews would stop dying. 

Israel just celebrated Rosh HaShanah, the Jewish New Year. In a few days, we will fast for Yom Kippur, and then celebrate Sukkot, the most joyous holiday of the year. Jews and Christians alike should take it on as a personal mission to do everything we can to stop more Jews from dying in this coming year. Working together, we can make a difference. 

Luke Hilton

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Luke discovered his passion for Israel at age of 16. Since then, he's shared the story of Israel's restoration across the globe through speaking tours, films, and articles, inspiring Christian Zionists to stand in support of Israel.

Luke is based out of Israel, serves as Director of Marketing for HaYovel and is an author and show host for The Israel Guys.

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  • Luke, thank you for this excellent article; it’s clear, concise and hits the nail on the head.

    May Hashem bless you and the team up there on the mountain.

  • I cannot explain my the heartbreak of the family’s concerning the witnessing the tragic death s of the people, my sincere condolences to the all Jews related in other stories similar to this one, I’m in tears reading this story of how Gods are so mistreated, I’m from Canada my name is Lorraine Bigstone and I will stand with you Jewish people and pray for you all, you are my family in Christ Jesus, i love you and May Our Father God be with you all in love, protection and peace to you all in Jesus Name Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • So sorry for your loss. I pray G-d will be with you and your children. I also pray you and your children will discover Yesuha as the true messiah who came to redeem you to our Father.

  • When should I start the fast for 25 hours. Does it stay sunset to sunrise the following day? Plz lmk as I wld like to fast and pray for the peace of Isreal.
    You can text me the info with stating date what & time.

    Lori Medeiros
    508 922 8748
    T.y. in advance

  • I meet Ari in Yerushalayim Day Parade in May 2018. Is very sad our government give money to the Palestinians to pay terrorists.
    I read all your articles and videos. I love Israel been there many times walk must all Israel except Judaea and Samaria. Your Heartland Experience will be very excited. I hope and pray I can do that next year.
    Keep out reporter the truth from Israel.
    Adonai’s blesses.
    Shabbat Shalom.

  • – Maintain your news with honestly, ethic and courage, I am living in Latinoamérica, few moths ago I have been I the nation of Israel, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Ashqelon, Mesada, and almost Haifa, your news is not equal like we hear around here in south America, Peru. The nation of Israel sounds modern, with out necessities and rich on banks, and all the times the conflict with Palestine, I know the news in my few stance in the nation of Israel, is not like hispano american people need to know. Congratulations to your work.

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