Why the Media is Obsessed With Lying About Israel

Have you ever noticed that Israel is one of the main targets of the mainstream media? Fake news is a real problem in today’s world. There is a massive anti-Israel propaganda machine that is well-funded and unfortunately quite successful. What’s astounding is that most Christians take what the mainstream media says about Israel as gospel truth! 

The anti-Israel propaganda machine has its sights set on the “West Bank,” which is Biblically known as Judea and Samaria. This area is the biblical heartland of Israel! By “biblical heartland,” I mean that it includes Elon Moreh, Bethel, and Hebron where God covenanted the land to Abraham and his descendants forever. It includes Shiloh, where Hannah prayed, and where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years. It includes Bethlehem, the Jewish “settlement” where Jesus was born. It includes Jacob’s well, where Jesus encountered the woman at the well. The truth is that the vast majority of the Bible was either written or occurred in the so-called “West Bank.”

Judea and Samaria are the richest biblical sites on the planet. The enemies of God’s land and people want you to be focused on all the conflict and confused about who owns the land. Because of this, they will lie directly to your face about what is really going on in the area. 

For instance, they will say that Jewish settlers are stealing Palestinian land. What they don’t mention is that there are currently more than 80,000 illegal Arab houses built on Israeli state land. In comparison, there are only 4,000 illegal Jewish structures on Israel’s state land (this simply means that the houses don’t have permits, and not that the land belongs to private individuals). 

Under the Oslo Accords, areas A and B of Judea and Samaria were designated for Arab towns and villages, and Area C was largely designated for Jewish settlement. While there are no Jewish homes in areas A and B, the tens of thousands of illegal Arab homes mentioned above are all in Area C! This means that while the so-called “settlers” are not stealing any Palestinian land, the Palestinians Arabs in return have built nearly 100,000 illegal structures on Israel’s land!

Another commonly spoken lie is that the IDF is oppressing Arabs in Judea and Samaria. Everyone in this region knows, however, that if the terrorist militant Arab factions in Judea and Samaria would simply lay down their weapons, there would be peace in Israel. On the other hand, if the IDF laid down their weapons, the Arabs would fulfill their vow to push Israel into the Mediterranean Sea, and without some miraculous intervention, the Jewish people in Israel would be annihilated.  

The IDF is the Israeli Defence Force. They are the most humane army in the entire world. No other army operates with more careful consideration of innocent civilians. When civilians become terrorists and take up arms against innocent Israelis, the IDF must do its job to protect them. 

Why does all this matter to you as a Christian? Because the enemies of God are well aware of God’s plans for Israel, and they are fighting it tooth and nail. Those of us who are for God and His plan to redeem the world should be actively working to see His purposes fulfilled. Unfortunately, we are very uneducated, we have been influenced by the propaganda machine, and most Christians aren’t even aware that there is a battle going on that they should be engaged in! 

The first step is to get educated about what is going on in Israel from a biblical perspective. It’s time to cut out the fake news! In order to overcome the strategic and ferocious attacks against Israel, it is important to know your facts! God has big plans for Israel, and He wants you, people from all around the globe, to stand with His chosen land and people and see His purposes accomplished in the earth! You need to know what is going on in Israel and particularly in Judea and Samaria. This area is the focus of Israel’s enemies, and it is the area where we, as Bible believers, should be standing with and defending God’s chosen people in the biblical heartland.

Zac Waller

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  • There are so many Islamic nations with vast lands to be developed and these people want to destroy the little Israel
    The Islamic nations do not
    Accept other religions as citizens.
    The hatred to all others as Mohammed concurred and murdered millions.

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