IDF Officer Killed by Friendly Fire

IDF Staff Sergeant Natan Fitoussi was tragically killed by friendly fire on August 15, 2022

An IDF officer was tragically killed by friendly fire on Monday evening near the town of Tulkarem in Samaria. A preliminary investigation of the incident found that some soldiers were on duty in a post near Tulkarem and one of the soldiers left the post to pray. When he returned, his friend mistakenly thought that he was an armed terrorist and shot him. The soldier was taken to hospital where he was later pronounced dead and identified as Staff Sergeant Natan Fitoussi.

Initially, the IDF reported that terrorists had opened fire in the area and that forces in large numbers were sent to search the area. Later, however, the IDF announced that the shooting was not terror-related but rather friendly fire.

A friend of his, Rafael Biton-Netiv, said:

"What a charming guy, he had a huge heart, and was full of good, friendly, and unlimited personal charm. Despite the hardships that the French community faces in acclimating to their new country, Natan always managed to pave his own way, with a modest smile, and a will to succeed."

Justin Hilton

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