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Is It Important To Remember the Holocaust?

Thursday, January 27th, marked International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Whilst world leaders made public statements with themes like “Never again,” and “We will always remember,” it is also important to look at these world leaders’ actions, sometimes even more than their words, as well as look carefully at the policies of countries and governments when it comes to Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. 

You may have heard about the United Nations recent so-called findings of an increase in “settler violence.” Or you may have heard that one of Israel’s Members of Knesset referred to settlers as “sub-human” (a very leftist politician, and definitely not the majority opinion). To make things worse, a small group of radical youth from a Jewish community in Samaria recently attacked local Arabs and left-wing Jewish activists, seeming to confirm the findings of the UN. The truth is that the attack should not be considered “settler violence” as it only represents a tiny fraction of all settlers, and is not condoned by any of the settlement leaders, rabbis, or government leaders in Israel. Instead, these rare and unusual attacks should simply be considered a crime, and you can rest assured that they will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

Watch our program on The Israel Guys Youtube channel to find out more about this recent attack. 

While the world is condemning a rare attack against Arabs in Samaria, other acts of terrorism and violence against Jews in Israel’s heartland that took place this past week went unnoticed by the media: 

At least 18 stone throwing attacks, [including] cinder blocks being hurled, two arsons, a soldier wounded in the face who needed to get stitches at the hospital, and a drive-by shooting in Samaria. 

Outside of Israel, a radical Islamic terrorist recently held four Jewish people hostage, including the head rabbi,  at a synagogue in Texas. It was a miracle that they all escaped relatively unharmed and the terrorist was killed. 

US President Joe Biden made a speech yesterday to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. He condemned anti-semitism by speaking of bearing witness to future generations and keeping their sacred vow of “never again.”

While Biden’s speech may have said the right things, US actions have not lived up to this “sacred vow”. Since Biden took office, the US has pushed to re-open the US Consulate in Jerusalem to serve the Palestinians (an anti-Israel and unnecessary move), publicly promoted US support for the two-state solution, and condemned settlement building in Judea and Samaria. 

The UN also held a ceremony to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day, and US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield spoke of the work that needs to be done to fight anti-semitism. The UN’s ceremony appears to be only ceremonious in nature however, since they recently released a report finding that “settler violence” in Judea and Samaria is on the rise, while completely ignoring the near-daily terrorist attacks and violence from the Palestinians, and the threats that Israel faces from Gaza. 

To top it off, newly-appointed US Ambassador to Israel, Thomas Nides, recently arrived in the country to take up his post. Even though he has been known to be a supporter of Israel in the past, he has already created a storm by stating that he will “absolutely not” under any circumstances visit the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria, where more than 700,000 Jews live. He did say that he would be open to going to Judea and Samaria to meet with Mahmoud Abbas or other PA officials – the same organization that is responsible for paying $360 million per year to Palestinian terrorists who murder Jews. 

Yesterday here at The Israel Guys, we commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day on our social media platforms. Immediately, someone commented on one of our posts that the Holocaust never happened, and six million Jews were never murdered during World War II. 

The Jews in America and Europe face growing threats of terrorism, violence, and anti-semtism every day. Israel is facing threats from a much less friendly American administration, as well as bigger threats from a near-nuclear capacity Iran, who has vowed to destroy Israel and America. 

The evidence is clear that anti-semitism, which is simply a fancy term for Jew-hatred, is on the rise. As Christians, our duty is to stand even stronger against the rising tide of evil, and stand unflinchingly for God’s Kingdom, which includes standing with the promises that He made to Abraham and his descendents. Whether in Israel, Europe, or America, make sure the world knows which side you stand on. 

God’s covenant with the land and people of Israel will last forever. Our job is to stand with that covenant. 

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  1. Sandra Smith

    We repeat the “never again” mantra, but the truth is we have FORGOTTEN how Germany got to that point; that it didn’t just happen 1 morning that the nation woke up & decided to murder all the Jews they could get their hands on; & we are DOING IT AGAIN, only this time the Jews are secondary, with Christians being the primary targets! It’s belief in Yhwh God that is the problem, since Satan is driving the “engine” of this movement, & the Church is as much, if not more now, in his way as the Jews are. They are still God’s Chosen people; that remains unchanged, but the Church (not to be confused with the churches, many of which are “Christian in name only”) is also a very big stumbling block to Satan’s ultimate agenda, so all must be eliminated.