Biden’s Visit to Israel: A Message of Support or Rebuke?

In a historic move, President Biden became the first American President to visit Israel during an ongoing war. This is a huge statement of solidarity and support. However it also begs the question: why did Biden think it necessary to come to the region in person? Was it simply meant as a sign of solidarity or is there something more than meets the eye?

Since the horrific and barbaric atrocities perpetrated by Hamas on October 7th, 2023, the Biden administration has been very supportive of Israel, providing vital military aid by restocking the Iron Dome systems and airlifting millions of dollars of other military equipment. In the media the Biden administration has maintained Israel’s right and responsibility to destroy Hamas, which in Biden’s words has “committed atrocities that recall the worst ravages of ISIS, unleashing pure unadulterated evil upon the world. There is no rationalizing it, no excusing it. Period.” 

That all is applaudable, and as an American, I feel a level of pride to see America standing strong with the people of Israel when they need it most. I don’t even want to think about what could be happening right now if Biden had completely turned his back on Israel, providing little if any aid. Imagine that Israel had run out of Iron Dome missiles while Hamas rockets were raining down on the huge population centers of Israel. You don’t have to think hard to see how bleak that scenario would have been. Honestly however, that is what many people expected, considering that the US administration has been actively funding the Palestinian Authority, the same government who pays terrorist’s salaries and the same government who will be handing out money to the monsters from Gaza who murdered more than 1,400 people on October 7th. 

President Biden seems to want to be on both sides of this conflict at the same time. He condemned Hamas and the atrocities they committed out of one side of his mouth and then pledged to give Gaza (which is controlled by Hamas) $100 million in humanitarian aid. Everyone knows it will never reach the ‘intended’ civilians but will instead be commandeered by Hamas.

To get things straight, Biden and his administration have provided crucial military aid to Israel at a critical time, but the question remains: will the US president abuse his influence to force Israel into a so-called ‘peace deal’ as well as force them into other decisions that have the potential to weaken Israel in a time when they need to firmly reestablish their power and stability? Biden already re-stated his commitment to the ‘two-state solution’ saying “we must keep pursuing a path so that Israel and the Palestinian people can both live safely, in security, in dignity, and in peace.” 

As the situation on the ground continues to unfold, what we need to keep in mind is that the Biden administration has done a lot of good for Israel in this war, but they also have the potential and leverage power to force Israel into a compromise, without total victory and annihilation of the evil monsters who make up Hamas and their collaborators.

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  1. Raye

    if you see Gadi Taub’s (FB) recent video is shows Biden saying he never promised to involve the US “if Hezbollah initiates a war”. Watch his two “boys'” eyes – they drop.

    1. Allison Giltinan

      Absolutely correct. The recent polls show more Americans “for” Israel, although the idiot pro Hamas folks get all the press. Joe is trying to play both sides and look “presidential.”

  2. sortawitte

    I come from a long line of American patriots and generally skeptical people. I was taught from an early age to see the difference between the takers and the givers in our society. The takers outnumber the givers by about 10 to 1. However, the givers are 10 times more beneficial to us. Senile Joe and his minions from both sides of the aisle in DC, they are all takers. Joe, specifically, is also a liar, thief, pedophile, and you wouldn’t want him living in your neighborhood. Nobody in this world should trust him.

  3. Chaim

    This filthy treasonous demented America hating Iran loving DemonRat (sewer rat), went to Israel in order to become the human shield for the murderous animals Hamas.
    While he was there he forced Israel to open the Rafah border, and let in humanitarian aid.

  4. Biden, does not know anything about the history of Israel or the KJV Bible, Sortawitte, nailed it and I haven’t forgotten the video, that talks about going into war with China in February instead of the 2year line, from Military generals prospective

  5. Allison Giltinan

    It is commendable that our friends at Ha Yovel /Israel Guys are trying very hard to give credit to this administration for supporting Israel. Those of us living here simply don’t have that faith in Joe to do the right thing. We will continue to pray for Israel and for the G-d of all creation to send His angels to the side of the IDF and the people of Israel. Let the trumpets sound and the walls of Jericho tumble down. Then the people of the world will know that G-d is in charge.

  6. SONshine Shari Hoston

    Watching reports on flyover conservatives. Com which has a Free app/Israeli Military-Biblical Reporter Amir Tsarfati a Messianic Jewish Brother on YouTube and Rumble with Incredible Biblical insights as well as along with prophetic reports with Julie Green/Tim and Dutch Sheets have encouraged and alarmed me.

    Yet the truth I continue to encourage my heart with is the promise that what’s ahead is TOO Huge and TOO messed up for human answers. They’re PAPA YAH SIZED PROBLEMS requiring AGAINST ALL ODDS SOLUTIONS like HUGE sand storm blowing the top soil off “at the exact time miracle was needed” to expose the field FULL of landmines. Or the troop surrounded by enemies that KNEW were going to quote them out…only to hear the enemy yell over and over…”FATHER ABRAHAM! FATHER ABRAHAM! …DROP THEIR WEAPONS … And begin to run away. WHAT!?? Later, interrogation revealed what scared enemy were angels army with drawn flaming swords.!!! Only YHVH.

    What with the millions upon millions of people who have lost homes/livelihood/, not just Israel, now Christians in Gaza I just heard about from Open Doors/ but here In the states from wildfires (we had precious family who lost everything in the forest fires a couple years ago and ended up with just the clothes on their back, a worn out car, and she is a single mom with two handicapped adult son and daughter and $1,000 check from FEMA. that we helped out with food, clothes, hired to help us when we could, gas but it, s more difficult now with Roger moving to Heaven) or the floods in Florida/ or the hurricane in Texas hundreds and hundreds lost homes/business and even Portland Oregon has so much theft/Trash from homeless camps/ boarded up business downtown… Not counting the millions and millions of illegal people not going thru the difficult/costly process that many of our Mexican/Oriental/ from India friends going thru to green green cards legally and working hard to buy a home… It, s overwhelming for those of us wanting and helping.

    Promises of a billion soul harvest and PAPA GOD, s Glory covering the earth like the waters cover the sea… These help me get out of bed in the morning/realizing that His mercies are new every morning and GREAT is His Faithfulness
    And Israel is His Covenant land and people and we’re grafted in, so loving on YEShua in worship daily is what keeps our lamps full and keeps our eyes able to see as they see

    And so since
    God is too wise to be mistaken,
    And God is too good to be unkind

    So though we don’t understand
    And we can’t see His plan
    and we can’t trace His hand,

    We can trustHiis heart.

  7. Steve

    I so appreciate hearing the comments from people of faith! May God be praised. I am understanding more that God chose the people of Israel. I have recently read Ezekiel 37 and 38 and I am praising God for his word.

  8. Geri

    Please don’t trust Biden…He’s not for Isreal but trying to win the upcome eletion, which we can’t allow.

    God Bless Issreal

  9. dosen't matter

    Having known President Biden since I was a young girl, DON’T TRUST HIM!!!! He’s a criminal and smiles and lies to your face. Look what he’s done to his own country!!! My prayers are with Israel and I loved the people of Israel when I studied there many years ago, God Almighty is your only hope, surely NOT Joe Biden!!

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