Benjamin Wearp


This morning, at 7 AM Israel time, a truce between Israel and Hamas took effect. Israel entered into negotiations in hopes of securing the release of approximately 240 Israelis being held captive in Gaza since October 7th.  Here’s what’s been made public about the terms of this tentative four-day pause in the fight to eradicate...
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Sukkot – Why Should Christians Care?

Around this time in Israel each year, a flurry of building takes place across the country. What are they making? Sukkahs (booths) of course! Many Jews—not only in Israel but around the world—will spend a week living in these temporary structures, eating, resting, fellowshipping, and rejoicing throughout, in accordance with God’s commands. But the holiday...
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Stop Calling it the West Bank. It’s Judea and Samaria

Israel’s Biblical Heartland, Judea and Samaria, is mostly known and referred to by the term “West Bank,” a name given to it by Jordan in the 20th century—during its illegal occupation of the territory. The name “West Bank,” however, denies the rich history of the region, instead originating in the simple fact that it sits on the...
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