October 19, 2023

Biden’s Visit to Israel: A Message of Support or Rebuke?

In a historic move, President Biden became the first American President to visit Israel during an ongoing war. This is a huge statement of solidarity and support. However it also begs the question: why did Biden think it necessary to come to the region in person? Was it simply meant as a sign of solidarity...
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Colombia President Would Rather Support Nazis Than Have Foreign Relations With Israel

Israel has recently halted security exports to Colombia after President Gustavo Petro made multiple public statements relating the Israeli government to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis while also claiming that Gaza has become a concentration camp through the hands of Israel. Israel exported a whopping $139 million worth of goods to Columbia in 2022, everything...
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Calling All Israel-Supporters – Now is the Time to Stand with Israel!

This is not just any war. This is a full attack of the enemy against God and His kingdom. Please engage in this war on your knees! If you think of yourself as a warrior for the Kingdom of God, now is the time to go to war! If you have little ones you are...
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