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Will Israel Head to Third Elections?

Israel appears to slowly be inching toward elections for the third time in one year as no one in politics is willing to compromise to form a government. Here is an overview of the current status since the second round of elections:

  • Prime Minister Netanyahu, as leader of Likud, tried to form a coalition, but failed. 
  • Benny Gantz currently has a mandate to form a government, but so far does not appear to have made much headway. He only has a few weeks left before the deadline.
  • All of the right wing parties have formed a unity bloc, and will not betray each other to join a left-wing coalition or a unity government. 
  • The left is not willing for Netanyahu to be prime minister as he is currently under indictment for alleged crimes. 
  • Avigdor Lieberman (leader of a centrist party) could be the key to forming a coalition, but he is not willing to join the left or the right for the following reasons: 
    • He will not join a liberal government that includes the Arab Joint List. 
    • He will not join a conservative government that includes the Ultra-Orthodox parties over disagreements concerning draft laws and allowing public transportation on Shabbat. 

Unless someone decides to step down, compromise or put aside their egos and differences, it seems inevitable that Israel will be forced to go to third elections in February 2020. The only question is: will the Israeli public stand for third elections? 

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