Why the World is Giving Up on a Two-State Solution

World leaders all across the political spectrum have given up on the idea of a Palestinian state. Besides this, a Palestinian state would actually be terrible for the Palestinian people. 

two state solution and palestinian state with israel outline
What has long been the proposed borders of a Palestinian State is fading as leaders around the world are having to face the true reason behind the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

B’tselem Propaganda

In a video we made a few months ago, we exposed the “human rights” organization B’tselem for what they truly are. Be sure to check it out here.

Well, they’re back at their propaganda once again. One of their activists, Basel al-Aderah, tried to blame right-wing activists for setting fire to a building near Hebron. It’s funny that he would claim this, because it is the complete opposite of the truth. An IDF officer saw Palestinian Arabs light the fire. According to other eyewitnesses, the Arabs, after lighting the fire, shouted to a photographer that Jews and soldiers had committed the act. The head of the Mount Hebron Regional Council, Yochai Damari, said in a statement:

“Once an Arab was caught knocking himself down and sending pictures to the whole world as if he had been hit. And another time another Palestinian was caught setting fire to his own equipment warehouse and shouting that the Jews had caused it. If there were no cameras, then these provocations would be believed everywhere. I demand an immediate stop to all the quarrelsome instigators and the perpetrators of the provocations, such as the one photographed in the article who is known to the security forces.”

The only reason that Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists make up stories like this is because the media believes it and the world will support them in it. 

fires burning in Israel caused by palestinian arson
2018 fire burning across southern Israel started by Arab arsons
(photo credit: Tom Oren-Denenberg from JNS)

Current World Leaders Have Given up on the Creation of a Palestinian State

Israel’s Minister of Interior, Ayelet Shaked, visited the UAE this week. While there, she made some bold statements about the two state solution. 

“The Israeli government won’t deliberate on the establishment of a Palestinian state under the present government of Bennett or Lapid when he comes into office under the rotational agreement,”

“There is a consensus among the parties [in the government] not to get involved in the issue, which could cause an internal rift.”

“We believe in economic peace as a means of improving Palestinians lives and to create cooperative industrial zones. But not a state with an army, absolutely not.”

President Joe Biden, however, has not given up on the idea, although he too recognizes that it is not realistic at present. In his address to the UN recently, he reiterated America’s support for “an independent Jewish state” while also saying:

A two-state solution is the best way to ensure Israel’s future as a Jewish democratic state, living in peace alongside a viable, sovereign, and democratic Palestinian state.

We are a long way from that goal at this moment, but we must never allow ourselves to give up on the possibility of progress.

Regarding a Palestinian state, Israeli Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett said:

          It would be a terrible mistake . . . I won’t do that.

Yair Lapid, who is the current foreign minister, and is slated to become prime minister in less than two years, said this:

  It is not realistic to speak of peace negotiations in the current circumstances, and not only on this side of the border.

Even Yair Lapid, who is a firm believer in the two-state solution, does not think that it is remotely possible. 

Why Would a Two-State Solution be Bad for Israel and the Palestinians?

First of all, it would be suicide for Israel. Take Gaza, for example. When Israel evacuated the settlements in Gaza and gave them to the Palestinians, Hamas immediately took over and attacked Israel. Also, it completely cuts Israel off and allows them to be attacked by a huge territory in the middle of their country, with millions of people.

Secondly, it would be suicide for the Palestinians:

The United States is Pushing a Building Freeze on Judea and Samaria

When Bennett met with Biden on August 27, 2021, Biden told Bennett in their meeting at the White House that he expected Israel to show restraint on the settlements issue. Bennett replied that Israel would build only according to needs arising from “natural growth.”

When Bennett returned from DC, he told settler leaders that when Biden pressed him on settlements, he told him “no.” A Senior Foreign Service Officer in Jerusalem, Michael Ratney, reiterated Biden’s call for restraint to senior officials in the Prime Minister’s Office.  He also had concerns about Israel building in E1 area near Jerusalem. The United States’ big concern here is that this area is Jewish and makes a two state solution tough because it divides the Arab’s area into two.

Building Approval 

Before meetings in the United States, Bennett had tried to get approval for 2,000 new housing units in Judea and Samaria and about 1,000 new housing units in Palestinian villages. Unfortunately, this did not go through and is now on pause.  Now that Biden has pressed Bennett on this issue, it is going to make things tough to get anything moving.

A senior Israeli official said, “There is great sensitivity right now with the Americans about settlements. This is the reason the approval of new planning and building in the settlements is held up for now.” 

A senior U.S. official said, “The Biden administration has been engaged with the Israeli government regarding settlements on a weekly basis since the meeting between Bennett and the president.”

A U.S. Embassy spokesperson summed it up: ”All parties [are] to refrain from unilateral steps that exacerbate tensions and undercut efforts to advance a negotiated two-state solution. That includes settlement activity.

Even with all of the B’tselem propaganda and United States’ pressure, Israel will not give up. We have seen that a Palestinian state would be suicide not only for Israel, but for the Palestinians themselves. We pray that Naftali Bennet will keep his word when he said in regards to a Palestinian state, “It would be a terrible mistake. I won’t do that.” 

What Can We Do?

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