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Why Do You Believe in God?

Why do you believe in the God of the Bible? Is it because you always have or because your parents believe in God? Is it because when you look at creation and its intricacies you think that there must be a God? Is it because when you accepted the Messiah into your life you felt a weight roll off your shoulders? 

Did you know that most people continue in the faith into which they were born? If your parents were Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion then you are most likely to follow in their footsteps and keep the same beliefs. 

Most people believe their religion is the one and only true religion. In most religions there is some kind of spiritual experience and a god that created everything.

With that being said, my question is: why do you believe in the God of the Bible?  

Personally, I believe in the God of the Bible for the following reasons: 

I see a story that began six thousand years ago – a story that is still being told today.  In the beginning, God wanted a relationship with man. He created a garden and placed a couple there. He walked with them and talked with them until sin entered the world. Man could not survive in a relationship that was that close with the Creator if sin existed, so God expelled them from the garden. Things got so evil that God destroyed the earth and started over again with Noah and his sons. 

Not too many years later the world was once again going in a bad direction. However, there was one man who stood out: Abraham believed in God. The Creator made a promise to Abraham that He would be his God, that Abraham and his descendants would be His people, and that through Abraham’s seed the whole world would be brought into this blessing through the Messiah. 

That promise continued through Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel. The children of Israel went through perilous times. Sometimes they drew so close to God that fire fell from heaven to consume the sacrifice on the altar. At other times they fell away from God and were enslaved by the surrounding nations. But when Israel cried out to God He always raised up a deliverer to save them; He never forgot his covenant to Abraham. God even told his prophets that if Israel continued in idolatry they would be dispersed to the farthest parts of the earth and the land would become completely desolate. But even after all of that he would not forget his promise to Abraham – that He would be their God and they would be His people. He would return them to their land and cause the land to come to life again. 

Ultimately, one day the Messiah – a religious Jewish Messiah – will come and rule over the people and land of Israel. This Kingdom will rule over the whole world. God will dwell in His house in Jerusalem, and we will go up and worship Him there.

After nearly 2,000 years of exile, our generation is seeing the beginning of this restoration. Over the last century the exiles have returned and are continuing to return to their covenant land. God is keeping His promises. He dispersed the Jewish people, and now he is returning them. He made the land desolate, and now it is coming back to life. The Hebrew language was brought back to life. The Temple Mount was abandoned for hundreds of years, but  over just the last few years there has been an awakening, and tens of thousands of Jews are ascending every year.  

The Word of God is tangibly alive, and God is alive! He is restoring His people, His land, and His language. I see it with my own eyes, and in my mind there is no question that the God of the Bible is the God of Israel, and He is alive and true to His promises.  

This is why I believe in God. 

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7 Responses
  1. Mary Bruinsma

    I believe in God because, as you said, when the Messiah, Jesus Christ, entered my life, he washed me clean from all of my sin, and claimed me forever as God’s own beloved child. He paid the awful price for my sins by going to the cross himself to pay for them, so that I can live with him forever. Amazing Savior! I am so blest to know Jesus and have the Holy Spirit as my guide. Without daily Bible reading, Old and New Testament, I would starve for guidance and assurance. Because of Christ’s sacrifice, I can go to the throne of God through prayer, and I am welcome there, forgiven, rescued and loved. Gracious God and Savior!

  2. Deon

    Thanks for this article., but there is more. Although God kept his promise to the Jews, in Jesus He came to have a erelationshio withe Individuals from every nation who believed that Jesus is the son of God. The Trinity lived in Humans with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and are new children of God for eternity. Even now in this fallen world, He walks and talks and provides. This is why I believe in Him.

  3. I find that my belief was sent to me directly. I was a typical Jewish youngster filled with self and not really sure what God meant even after teachings from Rabbis and a Bar Mitzvah. My Mother was The President of the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW) in NJ and Florida. She was beloved for her charity and soft heart and was invited to the White House by two First Ladies. I was busy getting a BA and JD and traveling as a music manager for bands. And then my Christian band members asked me to visit the Dachau concentration camp with them in Germany where we were having a concert. I walked through the area where the ovens and barbed wire were on display and my life and heart changed. From that day forward and through trying times including being attacked by gangs in California in front of my apartment and nearly killed in a plane crash and other situations that I will not talk about. I knew that God had a plan for me. It is not about specifics for me but the spirit I now feel every day with his hand on my shoulder.

  4. Malibongwe Patric Mthwa

    Hallelujah, I believe in God because He Is Holy and different and keeps His promises, the people of Israel are His people and we have been invited to share in their blessings. Am Yisrael chai 🇮🇱🤳🇮🇱😘

  5. diane

    My parents didn’t go to church or teach me about God, and yet i remember the prayer “Now i lay me down to sleep, i pray the Lord my soul to keep. If i should die before i wake i pray the Lord my soul to take”. I went to a southern Baptist church off and on, as a bus would come to our neighbor hood. it was a refuge for an abused child until i was 8 then being sent to the Bahama’s to live with my dad. St. Paul’s primary school there 2 years no one ever talked about salvation with us. As a teen back in the U.S. I had dreams and visions more to the dark side, and i was seeking God but the churches i visited just didn’t seem to fit. I called out to Jesus and was saved but no relationship. Suffered an abusive marriage and at his death i again sought God this time he came to me and there were some fast track learning and experience’s. Filled with the Holy Spirit with in the first couple of month, so strong i could hardly handle it. Saved a young widow from losing her property, brought a Christian lawyer. Then brought Christian buyers. Moved me and kids to a small town where a small church with satellite learning “Word of Faith” Ive been thru many battle’s and God has brought me thru them all. Healings, financial crisis’ issue with rebellious children He has brought me thru and no one could ever convince me Jesus isn’t real.