Ascend Mount Ebal with Aaron Lipkin under IDF escort, and uncover the tale of an ancient stone altar and what it undeniably proves

Joshua and Caleb Waller are back with tour guide Aaron Lipkin for this final episode of The Joshua & Caleb Report – Season 4. Accompanied by an Israeli Defense Force escort, they venture up the mountainside of Mount Ebal (the Mount of Cursing).

They have come to explore a groundbreaking archaeological discovery that has been unearthed in recent years – the stone altar that Joshua and the children of Israel built when they first entered the Promised Land over 3,200 years ago.

On their trek up to the altar, Aaron shares the incredible story of Adam Zertal, an atheistic professor who led the excavation project and, because of his findings, came to believe in God. Joshua’s altar is now a key site both biblically and historically, and its discovery stands as an undeniable claim for the Jewish people to the heartland of this country.

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