Would you believe me if I told you that an organization within the United Nations is actively involved in supporting, funding, and inciting terrorist activities? What if I told you that this has been going on for years, and has been publicly exposed numerous times, but the world has always chosen to turn a blind eye?

It gets even worse. A new report has surfaced exposing the fact that 12 UN employees actually participated in the massacre in Israel on October 7th. That’s right: a UN teacher in Gaza by day, and an animalistic, Jew-killing terrorist by night. .

The time has come to permanently shutter this awful organization, and it looks like we might actually be well on our way. All of the details, and more, coming up on today’s show.

👉 Help the Israeli hostages rebuild their lives after being a captive in Gaza

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Luke Hilton

Originally from Virginia Beach, VA, Luke discovered his passion for Israel at age of 16. Since then, he's shared the story of Israel's restoration across the globe through speaking tours, films, and articles, inspiring Christian Zionists to stand in support of Israel.

Luke is based out of Israel, serves as Director of Marketing for HaYovel and is an author and show host for The Israel Guys.

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