Join AnaRina Heymann in the City of David as she unveils the archaeological secrets of Ancient Jerusalem in this thrilling episode

We are excited to announce the first episode in this next season of The Joshua and Caleb Report. Each season brings a fresh treasure trove of stories for you to discover, and they only seem to get better and better!

In this first episode, meet AnaRina Heymann, the Director for Jerusalem Watch, an organization that works with the City of David, bringing individuals from around the world to take part in the restoration and rebuilding of Jerusalem through becoming “watchmen on the walls.”

Her ability to live and breathe in Jerusalem on a daily basis makes AnaRina, in her own words, “the luckiest girl in the world.” Originally from South Africa, she worked for the Jewish Agency in the Aliyah Department, helping people move to Israel, until she couldn’t stand it any longer and made aliyah herself. Not long after coming to Israel, she stumbled upon the ancient City of David and found not only a lifelong passion in archaeology, but a calling to actively participate in bringing the prophecies of the Bible to life. 

Did you know that much of the Old City of Jerusalem is not really the Old City? Do you know where King David’s palace stood or where the original walls of the city are? Did you know that every day, ancient Jerusalem is being uncovered more and more and rising from all those centuries of dust?

Find out all of this and more in the first of a 2-part episode featuring AnaRina Heymann, Rising From Her Dust.

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