Some theologians claim that Christians should have no part in supporting the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple. Other Christians support the idea of a rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, but see it only as the means to an end – meaning that they’re simply looking for the Antichrist to come, take over, and then Jesus will come back and we’ll all simply fly away to heaven.

In our final episode in the Temple Mount series, we look at a different perspective. Not only do we believe that Christians should support the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, but we believe that we should support the Jewish people in these efforts. In fact, it’s as simple as Genesis 12:3.

Not sure if the rebuilding of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem is important for Christians? Come along on today’s journey to find out this all important topic is essential for Christianity today.

Why is this topic important?

God chose to place His Name in a specific place in Jerusalem, and Zechariah tells us that one day all nations will go up to worship Him there (Zechariah 14). This means that the place where God chose to place His name is the most important spot in the world.

As believers in the Bible, we should be incredibly passionate about the place where God chose to place His Name.

Learn more in the final episode of our six-part series on the “The Temple: the Search for its True Location.”

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