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Israel is Open – Now What? 

The war between Russia and Ukraine that has captured the world’s attention seems to have suppressed the good news from Israel; that their borders are finally open to tourists with no restrictions! The only thing required to enter the country is that you must take a PCR test before leaving your home, and another one...
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Ukraine, The Jews & the Lesson For Us Today – Part 2

As the war between Russia and Ukraine rages on, there is no sign of either side capitulating. Israel added their vote to the UN General Assembly’s resolution condemning Russia for their actions this week. Israel has also sent 100 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine, and has pledged to provide any other humanitarian assistance that...
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Ukraine, The Jews & the Lesson For Us Today – Part 1

This article was edited/updated on March 3rd, 2022 Amidst the invasion of Russia into Ukraine, there is still much we don’t know. Early reports reveal that there has already been shelling in the capital city of Kiev, and Ukraine has already shot down an enemy aircraft over the city. Many have fled to western parts...
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How Should Israel Respond to the Lack of Support from the Biden Administration?

Op-Ed by Jeffrey Stevens Israel and the United States have been close allies for years. While there has been an occasional hiccup since President Biden and Prime Minister Bennett took their respective offices, there has yet to be too much alarm. For the most part, the Biden administration has made itself look to be pro-Israel....
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Why Do These Human Rights Organizations Hate Israel? 

Amnesty International recently published a report condemning Israel, accusing it of being an “apartheid” state, guilty of “domination” and “oppression” of the Palestinians.  According to Philip Luther, who is the research and advocacy director for Amnesty International, he has a “rounded knowledge of the international human rights, humanitarian, and criminal law framework.” Is he and...
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