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Why Teach Your Kids to Hate?

On Wednesday morning, December 8th, a fifteen-year-old Arab girl crept up behind a Jewish mother walking to school with her children, and stabbed her in the back with a knife. The husband of the woman who was injured, Dvir Cohen, was on reserve duty in the IDF and was therefore not around when the incident...
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Modern-Day Greeks and Maccabees

Shalom and Chanukah Sameach! Have you ever considered why the Greeks went to such great lengths in their efforts to conquer the Jewish people? Would you not agree that sending hundreds of thousands of troops to take out a small band of rebels is a little overkill?  This war was very different from previous attacks...
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A Self-Sacrificing Knight, or a Terrorist Who Killed a Jew?

Israel is reeling from the first terrorist attack since the war with Gaza in May, in which an Israeli citizen has been killed. May God bring comfort to the family of Eliyahu Kay, and may his memory be a blessing.  Instead of going through the details of the attack, which we covered in detail on...
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Should We Ditch Our Support of Israel If We Don’t Like Their Policies?

There’s a popular trend in today’s culture to identify as whatever you want to be. As Christians who have been working in Israel’s heartland for more than 16 years, we decided that it’s high time we identify as “The Israel Guys.” Unfortunately for Christians who love Israel around the world, it’s easy to want to...
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Will the New U.S. Ambassador do the Right Thing?

It’s true. President Joe Biden has finally appointed a United States ambassador to Israel. Thomas Nides, the newly-appointed ambassador, was the deputy Secretary of State 2010-2013.  During this time, he formed relationships with several Israeli officials and also played a fundamental role in the Obama administration’s approval of extending loan guarantees for Israel, worth billions...
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Budgets, Ambassadors, Permits, & the Bible Marathon

This week’s rundown of news from Israel MKs who are part of Israel’s coalition government cheered the passage of the state budget, something which has not happened since 2018. After deliberating through the night, the 2021 budget was finally passed in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Much was riding on the line, since if...
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