Bibi Netanyahu

The Left & Right Are Calling Israel’s Proposed Judicial Reforms a “Threat To Democracy”

The opposition to Israel’s proposed judicial reforms have reached across the political aisle, crossing the lines of religious, secular, Jewish, and Christian communities. At The Israel Guys, we discussed this issue in multiple videos, with our firm belief being that a change to Israel’s judicial system can only be for the good of Israeli and...
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Israel’s New Government May Be The Best Thing the Country Has Seen in Decades

Since taking office two weeks ago, Israel’s new governing coalition has been making waves. Many inside Israel and around the world are decrying the cabinet as the beginning of the end of Israel’s democracy.  One of their main dissatisfactions is the judicial reform legislation that Israel’s cabinet has put forward. Among other things, these reforms...
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Israel’s New Government Officially Sworn in to the Knesset

Three days before the world ushers in the year 2023, Israel finally welcomed a new coalition, the first stable government to be sworn in after three years and five election cycles. Benjamin Netanyahu formed his sixth government and will now begin his sixteenth year as prime minister of Israel.  Although there are sharp disagreements about...
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Israel Announces Formation of New Government, Netanyahu Set to Become Israel’s Longest Serving Prime Minister

Nearly two months after Israel’s recent election, and just eighteen minutes before his mandate expired, Benjamin Netanyahu placed a call to Israel’s President Isaac Herzog and informed him that he had succeeded in forming a coalition government. This means that Israel’s new Knesset will be sworn in as early as next week, and no later...
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