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Peace Plan, Rockets, and Elections

This week, two terrorists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad movement approached the Gaza Strip security fence and planted a bomb. IDF forces immediately spotted the terrorists and opened fire, eliminating both. 

In retaliation, about 80 rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza in the course of just a few days, with 90% of them being shot down by the Iron Dome. One rocket even directly hit a children’s playground in Sderot, a community that is in close proximity to the Gaza Strip. Thank God, no one was physically injured, although the mental and emotional trauma of such incidents is always massive, especially to children. 

In response, the IDF targeted Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) sites in the Gaza Strip as well as a key site in Damascus, Syria, where PIJ is headquartered. At the moment, there is relative calm in Israel’s south, but Defense Minister Naftali Bennet has warned that if Gaza becomes violent again, Israel will retaliate with an offensive that is much stronger. 

The United States and Israel both have elections coming up, with Israel’s government elections happening on March 2nd, and Super Tuesday taking place in the US on March 3rd. Both countries seem to be facing similar political situations. In Israel, this third round of elections (in less than one year) is meant to break the stalemate that has prevailed, with neither the right or the left wing parties being able to form a majority governing coalition.

In the US, Senator Bernie Sanders is currently leading the Democratic race for president, which is surprising, as he is a self-declared socialist, has openly praised former dictator Fidel Castro, and recently called Israel a racist state.

This is a critical time for Israel and the United States. 

The “Deal of the Century”, which has just been released, is being supported by right wing and left wing lawmakers in both America and Israel. However, President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu both have proven to have Israel’s best interests at heart. President Trump, for example, has done more for Israel than any other US president in recent history. From moving the embassy to recognizing Israel’s right to the Golan Heights, to legitimizing the settlements, he has certainly set a record in a very short period of time. To that end, he has shown that he wants to protect Israel’s best interests when it comes to peace in the middle east. Netanyahu is Israel’s longest serving prime minister, and has proven to be a strong leader over the years.

If Netanyahu is not elected as prime minister next Tuesday, and a left wing government is formed, the terms for negotiating a peace deal with the Palestinians will have suddenly changed. Benny Gantz, the leading left wing politician of the Blue and White party, has said he would accept the peace deal, but in the past, he has hardly supported ideas of sovereignty in the West Bank, or annexing territory to Israel, with the exception of the Jordan Valley. He would be very likely to push the “Deal of the Century” through with no concern as to what happens to Israel’s settlements in Judea and Samaria.

On the other hand, if Bernie Sanders is elected as president of the United States in November, Israel’s greatest ally will suddenly be governed by a man who very recently called Israel’s government racist, and who also said that he would consider moving the US embassy back to Tel Aviv if elected president. 

What does this mean for us?

Instead of blindly supporting a peace plan that calls for Israel to give up a large percentage of its land, and flies directly in the face of Scripture, we should be supporting and encouraging Israel to settle their roots deep in their land (Amos 9:15), growing, expanding, building, planting, and thriving. 

Whether American or Israeli, even beyond voting, we need to pray for Israel and America. Then we need to act. 

Come to Israel. Stand with the entire land, especially the biblical heartland. Show Israel’s leaders that there are millions of Christian Zionists who support the right to their God-given land. Combat BDS by purchasing products from Israel. Give your finances to Israel organizations. Be a public voice of strength and support for Israel.

Make sure your friends, family and communities know where your alliances stand. 

Make your stand today.

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