Walk the streets of Silwan and learn about Jewish families finally returning to houses from where they were unjustly evicted.

Daniel Luria is part of an organization called Ateret Cohanim, which, among other things, works to reestablish Jewish families in areas where they were dispersed from years ago. One of these places is Silwan, a mostly Arab town that sits just below the City of David in Jerusalem, whose biblical name is Shiloach. 

Travel with us to the old village of Shiloach, where Yemenite Jews lived from 1882, until they were evicted in 1937 by the British. Rediscover an ancient synagogue, meet the brave children at the “country club”, discover history that dates back more than 100 years, and finish with living history on a rooftop overlooking the City of David, the Old City, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

To find out more information about Ateret Cohanim visit www.jerusalemchai.org

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