It’s Time to Stand Shoulder to Shoulder

Imagine this – a beautiful rolling terrain with birds singing from tree tops, children laughing at play in a crystal clear, bubbling stream. Men and women peacefully at work in their vineyards and sheep folds. Wisdom from the Bible and words of prayer are frequently on the lips of young and old. The ruler of the land is wise, kind, just and the son of a good shepherd. God’s presence is literally filling the holy Temple in Jerusalem. There is true joy and peace. 

Then, imagine that this whole beautiful picture is shattered into a million pieces – nothing left but bare dirt, thorns, thistles, and a harsh dry wind. Imagine that it stayed that way for two thousand years. 

Now imagine that you are standing in that desolate field with a young man, his wife, and his children who are one hundredth generation descendants from those children by the brook. Picking up a small vine, the young fellow hands it to a man with a long white beard. The renowned Rabbi, who has traveled two and a half hours just for this special ceremony, raises the sapling up into the air and blesses God for allowing him to observe the good deed of restoring the land of Israel.

With great jubilation he sinks his wrinkled fingers deep into the soil that he holds so dear. The vine is set in and dirt carefully pulled around it. With surprising agility he rises to his feet, looks out over the field of newly planted vines, takes hold of the young vineyard owner’s hand and begins to dance as he sings “David the King of Israel lives forever.” Ten or so other men join in the singing and dancing. Smiling radiantly, the rabbi says, “The fact that there is now a vineyard here is a sign that God loves us, is hugging us, and is happy with us.” The group bursts into song and dance, singing, “The Temple will be rebuilt; the City of Zion will be restored and there we will sing a new song and journey up.”

You can imagine how euphoric it felt for me to stand there that day, just a few weeks ago. I was there. It was real and yet so surreal! I felt like I was witnessing one of the greatest miracles of all time. Like I was a part of the beginning of something that God has had in the works for thousands of years and is bringing about right now, right before my very eyes. 

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These Jewish men and women understand how restoring the land by planting vineyards is connected to the coming of Messiah. They were planting a vineyard while singing about King David (the Messiah) and rebuilding God’s house of prayer.

Consider these scripture verses:

“Again I will build you, and you shall be rebuilt, O virgin of Israel! You shall again be adorned with your tambourines, and shall go forth in the dances of those who rejoice. You shall yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria; The planters shall plant and eat them as ordinary food.” (Jeremiah 31:5)

“Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end, upon the throne of David and over His kingdom, to order it and establish it with judgment and justice from that time forward, even forever. The zeal of the Lord of hosts will perform this.” (Isaiah 9:7)

“Also the sons of the foreigner who join themselves to the Lord, to serve Him, and to love the name of the Lord, to be His servants – everyone who keeps from defiling the Sabbath, and holds fast My covenant – Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, and make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices will be accepted on My altar; for My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” (Isaiah 56:6-7)

If you are inspired by the miraculous restoration of Israel’s land and people and you want to be part of this story as it unfolds, please join us! We have been truly blessed to stand side by side with our Jewish brothers and sisters as they are experiencing God’s powerful hand at work in their lives. Will you consider putting your shoulder up next to theirs as well? 

Now is the time! Let’s do this together.

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