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Resurgence of Faith

The land and the people of Israel have become personal to me.

It may have been, at one point, something superstitious––like a rabbit’s foot that I would keep in my pocket to bring good fortune. After all, every good Christian Zionist knows if you hold onto a rabbit’s foot, you will be blessed.

I’m not sure when it happened, certainly not all at once. Before I came to Israel, I had no understanding of the importance or value the Land or the people had to me as a Christian. I understood my Christianity originated from this place, but as far as a personal connection, I understood that any correlation I had was done away with almost 2,000 years ago. We now refer to this belief as replacement theology.

But then God, as He has in my life over and over, made a presentation. How many times have we thought one way and then saw or heard something that completely changed our view? I’m not sure how God speaks to you. To some, the following may seem extreme. But it seems that God speaks to me more effectively in the extreme. I remember the first time I saw a baby being murdered in its own mother’s womb. Jolted to my very core, I could no longer turn my head while multiple millions of children were legally murdered in our world. And yes, the U.S. influence on Israel in this area has been devastating.

Just as much as I was shaken physically and mentally from the presentation of this horrific injustice, I was shaken spiritually when God made a presentation in Israel. It was there that I began to see how far my faith had strayed from the literal Word of God. As gross immorality continues to rise in our world, we are struggling to find biblical ground. Our smorgasbord approach to Scripture has run many good-intentioned Christians into a corner.

My point is that not believing, or even being indifferent to, God’s spoken Word/Promise concerning the Land and People of Israel delegitimizes a huge portion of Scripture––including the New Testament. Yeshua quotes from Deuteronomy 8:3 in both Matthew and Luke 4:4: “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God.”

Many of us would fight fiercely in support of Creation. Why? Because we believe God spoke the universe into existence. The idea that the whole world happened through some crapshoot is ridiculous to many. We now have an amazing Creation Science Museum in Kentucky with many proofs of a created world.

But, what happened between Genesis 1-2 and Genesis 12? Was it the same God who spoke in both places? What happened? Were we also confused by the snake when he whispered, “Did God really say…”?

Israel exists as a home for the Jewish people because God spoke it. If we compromise on this Word/Promise, then we may as well trash all of Scripture, including all of your pro-life and marriage Scriptures.

Our Christian traditions have made replacement theology a difficult hurdle to jump over.

The world’s moral crisis is now.

Hurdle jumping practice has begun on the Mount of Blessing.

If you or your congregation is in need of a resurgence of faith, there is still room to participate in God’s plan for the world as this season of prophecy unfolds in your generation.

Go to our website for practice times.

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