Tommy Waller

Author • Founder of HaYovel


Tommy Waller, founder of HaYovel, found his life’s mission in the mountains of Israel. His family works alongside him to educate the Christian world about the unique role of the Jewish people and their position in the nation of Israel.

Tommy was born into a devoted Southern Baptist family, the grandson of a minister. Tommy and Sherri, his wife of 37 years, have 11 children, 6 daughters-in-law, 2 sons-in-law, and 30 grandchildren (and counting). Tommy left his corporate management position at FedEx to come home and learn to live off the land in an Amish community.

Living off the grid for six years stripped away all the distractions of the modern American lifestyle while developing strong family ties and work ethics. This focus on family created a deep confidence and sense of security. During this season, Tommy traveled to Israel for the first time in 2004 with some friends on a business trip. It was then that he first saw the vineyards and read the prophecies that are now being fulfilled. His deep faith and wholeheartedness called him to trade the ordinary for the extraordinary. Tommy began traveling back and forth with his family and friends.

Tommy courageously advocates for the Christian community to support the Jewish community in their God-given role as a light to the world. Not limiting themselves to purely the Christian arena, under Tommy’s direction, HaYovel continues to train its volunteer force to engage in Israel advocacy, in both church and state in their home countries with the full endorsement of the State of Israel under the HaYovel Project Advocacy Program. Tommy himself speaks on Israel’s behalf with politicians and statesmen. HaYovel has become a bridge between Christian nations and the Heartland of Israel.

Tommy is an article author for The Israel Guys.