Andrew Parsons

Digital Marketing Manager • Web Developer • Advertising Manager


Andrew was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His first trip to Israel was with HaYovel in 2014 when he was seventeen years old. It was a dream come true that he’d had since he was 10 years old. Standing upon the soil of this special land and touching miraculous millennia-old prophecy come true, his heart was captivated by God’s loving faithfulness to His people and the breathtaking story of redemption that is unfolding in the Land of Israel right now in our generation. For Andrew, that first trip to Israel was the beginning of a lifelong calling and passion to share the story and the beauty of Israel with the world.

Today, Andrew works as digital marketing manager, website developer, and IT specialist for HaYovel. He loves to share the miraculous story of Israel’s restoration through online content, photography, and graphic design, as well as traveling the world to speak about Israel.

Andrew manages the websites, social media pages, and online advertising for The Israel Guys.