Step into a stunning pottery studio located in the heart of Samaria that was founded by pioneering couple Baruch and Batya Erdstein

Join Joshua and Caleb Waller in the mountains of central Israel as they spend the day with Baruch and Batya Erdstein, a pioneering couple living in the community of Itamar in Samaria, Israel.

Once world travelers, Baruch and Batya now call Israel home and are raising a family in the small, hilltop community right where their ancestors lived 3,000 years ago. 

They own a pottery shop called “Botz Ha’har” (translation is “Mud on the Mountain”) where Batya fashions stunning handcrafted ceramic dishes and decorations that each incorporate the unparalleled beauty, ancient history and miraculous story of the Land of Israel.

Don’t miss this episode – you’ll love it!

Batya’s ceramics are available for purchase online and can be shipped right to you! Go to www.BlessedBuyIsrael.com to start shopping.

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