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The Illegal Takeover of Jewish Land

Israel’s Knesset saw some heated controversy this week when they voted to pass a bill referred to as the “Electricity Law.” This bill was written and submitted to the Knesset by Mansour Abbas, who is the head of the United Arab List party in the Knesset. This bill has garnered a lot of resistance over the past few months from right-wing lawmakers across many different parties in the Knesset, including Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party and even some members of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s own Yamina party. 

What is the Electricity Law? In short, the bill proposes to connect tens of thousands of Arab homes in the southern desert and Galilee regions to the national power grid of Israel. Also, it would connect these structures to Israel’s water supply and other infrastructure. This sounds like a good thing; right? Hooking up thousands of Arab homes to Israel’s power and water infrastructure? Well, there was actually a sensible reason that these homes were not given electricity and water in the first place. All these houses were illegally built on government state land, without permits and in defiance of Israel’s established infrastructure development. The Electricity Law will encourage and even reward the illegal Arab takeover of Jewish land. 

This bill was actually passed into law in the Knesset on Wednesday of this past week. Even though most of the right-wing parties objected to this new bill, one of the main reasons it passed is because the anti-Zionist Arab party who submitted the bill is currently part of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s coalition government. Bennett, whose own party is considered rightwing, had to vote for this bill in order to keep his government (composed of right-wing, left-wing, and Arab parties) from falling apart and plunging the nation into new elections. 

Unfortunately, these illegal homes which will be affected by the Electricity Law are only a small part of a large, widespread, illegal takeover of Jewish land by Arabs all across Israel. In the desert, known as the Negev, the Bedouin population is illegally taking over hundreds of thousands of dunams (one dunam equals one quarter of an acre) of state land by building illegal structures and farms wherever they want. Regavim, an Israeli organization who acts to prevent illegal seizure of Israel state land, reported: 

“There is an illegal community spread out over hundreds of thousands of dunams,. . . a tremendous amount of squatters on a vast stretch of land. No planning, no regulation, and no solution from the government for this matter.”

Inside Judea and Samaria, this land grabbing is even more of a problem. According to Regavim, as of 2020, there are 65,572 illegally built Palistinian structures inside of Area C, which was designated by the 1995 Oslo Accords for Jewish land development and building. These structures and homes are completely illegal and show that the Palestinians are not interested in simply building in Areas A and B, both of which were designated for Palestinian development, but are trying to seize all the land they can and keep Israel from establishing homes in their ancestral homeland. 

That being said, the struggle to settle the land of Israel is still very real, and Israel’s enemies are fighting hard to take away the land that was promised by God to Israel. 

Now, more than ever, is the time for pro-Israel Christians all around the world to stand up and show their undivided support for Israel and their right to settle in the land where God told Abraham in Genesis 12: “To your descendants I will give this land.” 

Josiah Hilton is a native of Virginia Beach. He works full time in the Marketing Department for HaYovel and The Israel Guys as a Brand and Content Developer and Email Administrator. He is also a host for The Israel Guys Daily podcast.

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10 Responses
  1. Brian Hennessy

    God’s word tells us “be anxious about nothing.” That He works all things together for the good of His chosen ones. I can only Praise Him for these electrified homes in spite of what it looks like.

  2. Donna Davey

    What good does it do for pro-Israel Christians to show support for Israel when anti-Israel factions are holding places in the Knesset and there are so many Jewish people who act against Israel (such as J-street and George Soros)?

  3. Jan van Helvoirt

    Goede middag, Shabbat shalom.

    Israël is Israël.
    De inwoners van Israël zijn aan de staat verplicht om zich als zodanig te gedragen.
    De grond is en blijft eigendom van de staat Israël.
    Grond Kopen mag, maar op bezit moet belasting betaald worden en blijft ten alle tijden eigendom van de staat.
    Huizen illegaal bouwen kan niet en worden ten alle tijden afgebroken.
    Wanbetalers worden altijd uitgezet of afgesloten van gas electro en wwater, verbouwen van drugs is , uitzetting van je huis en een grote boete.
    Grote stukken land claimen is illegaal en wordt streng aangepakt.
    Zo gaat het er aan toe in Nederland.
    De internationale gemeenschap is accoord met het Nederlandse beleid met al zijn regels en voorschriften.
    Dus, waarom Israël niet.
    Israël moet hier lering uit trekken.
    Niet proberen om het braafste jongetje uit de klas te worden om de corrupte wereld te verblijden maar opkomen voor je volk en welzijn.

  4. Ron

    The political establishment of Israel is insane, principle means nothing, control is everything. יְהוֹשׁוּעַ will keep it regardless the weasels undermining it.

  5. G. Greer

    Regardless of the ridiculous policies of the current American administration regarding the safety and sovereignty of the State of Israel; as an American, I sincerely admire the Jewish people and wholeheartedly support their divine right of possesion to the whole of their divinely promiced homeland. I pray daily for their safety, prosperity, and peaceful existence.

    It is very disheartening read of the perpetual suffering of the Jewish people as the live under the constant threat of war from the Hezballa and Hamas terrorist; as well, as Iran and their proxies and PLO sympathizers.

    It is even more disturbing to read that members of Israel’s own Kenesset undermine your own survival by passing laws that sabatoge the possesion of your homeland and forceably removing Jewish settlers who do try to settle what they believe is the land of their birthright.

    There is no easy or painless remedy for increasing level a domestic violence against your Jewish citizens at the hands of such a huge segment of your population that claim your homeland for their own, vow to wipe you off the face of the earth, and have rewritten their own version of history in order to erase your ancient connecton to your land and to the God of your forefathers and prophets.

  6. Yusufu Laiton Silwimba

    I stand with Israel state and Jewish people ‘ right on rejecting to connect the Arabs house Electricity . According the the reasons of ilegal Building house with no permissions of Israel Government ,Hence ,by Connecting the an Electricity it will be the garatee of them doing an illegal thing ,thinking that they have right to do so! We can’t agree of those reasons.

  7. Franco LoRe

    soros is an enemy of the JEWS AND CHRISTIANS,he is also trying to destabilize and destroy this country,HE SHOULD BE ELIMINATED ASAP,


    Am standing with in prayers may the God of your father ABRAHAM, ISAAC and Jacob help you to overcome the who as eroded your promise land which God give you through your fathers long ago.

    You as Israelite’s one tribe from one father try to unite yourself such that you the enemy of the land, with our prayers we made every day God will see you through.

    May God bless Israel.


    Am standing with you in prayers may the God of your father ABRAHAM, ISAAC and Jacob help you to overcome the enemy who wants erode your promise land which God give you through your fathers long ago.

    You as Israelite’s one tribe from one father try to unite yourself such that you defeat the enemy of the land, with our prayers we made every day God will see you through.

    May God bless Israel.

  10. Gordon Bloom

    Simple solution. Hook up electricity to any dwelling where the owner has official (Land Registry) title to the property. No title deeds no electricity (or water)