Israel passed a piece of legislation in the Knesset this week that some are saying is their most important step in more than five decades. On the opposite side, a former Israeli prime minister told Britain’s Channel 4 that country is descending into civil war because of Israel passing judicial reform. He even hinted that he would support such a war.

U.S. President Joe Biden told Israel that he was disappointed that this piece of legislation passed with such a slim majority of Israel’s parliament, even though it received 100% of the votes of the governing coalition. 

What’s really going on in Israel? Let’s break it down. 

Are Israeli Citizens Against The Judicial Reform?

Israeli actress Noa Tishby was seen in an interview with CNN saying that the majority of Israel’s citizens are against the judicial reforms that were passed in their third reading yesterday. When one begins looking at what is actually going on however, something doesn’t seem to add up. Tishby is claiming that the majority of Israel’s citizens are against the judicial reform plan, but the first phase of those reforms just passed the third reading in the Knesset yesterday…..with a majority of 64 votes… a coalition government that was voted in by the people… a first-world, democratic nation. 

U.S. Response to Israel Passing Judicial Reform

US President Joe Biden issued a statement expressing his disappointment that these judicial reform laws were voted in with the “slimmest possible majority”. Perhaps he is referring to the fact that the legislation only received 64 votes out of the 120 member Knesset, with the rest of the Knesset Members (those in the opposition) abstaining in protest? Perhaps 64 votes is not seen as a large enough majority?

While it is most certainly not two-thirds or more of the Knesset, it did receive the vote of the entire governing coalition. For the White House to issue a statement condemning this legislation would be similar to a foreign leader stating that they were disappointed that the House of Representatives or the US Senate passed a piece of legislation with ONLY the votes of every single Democrat or every single Republican who is currently in power. 

Liberal Politicians Have Switched Sides Regarding Judicial Reform

Interestingly, many of the liberal members of Israel’s society, including those in the Knesset, used to be pro-judicial reform. This includes former prime minister Yair Lapid, who ended his term last December. Unfortunately, some hate Netanyahu’s conservative coalition so much that they’re willing to do anything to take him down. This includes pretending that they are 100% against any and all judicial reform. If you don’t believe me, just look at the fact that the current protests were funded and planned BEFORE Bibi’s government was sworn into office earlier this year. Some of the protests were funded by former Prime Minister Ehud Barak. 

Olmert Claims Civil War is Starting Because of Israel Passing Judicial Reform

Speaking of former Israeli prime ministers, another Ehud, Ehud Olmert, gave an interview to Britain’s Channel 4. In the interview, he claimed that Israel is descending into civil war as a result of Israel passing judicial reform.

After Olmert first made this bizarre claim, he immediately began walking back his statements. He went on to explain that the civil disobedience is directed toward:

“a government which is perceived by a large part of the population to be illegitimate. [The] government has decided to threaten the foundations of Israeli democracy. And this is not something that we can accept or that we can tolerate.”

Is Civil War Actually Starting in Israel?

For anyone following mainstream media, it would be reasonable to believe that Israel is on the brink of civil war. After all, there have been mass protests since the beginning of January in opposition of the proposed judicial reform. A few times, the media claimed that these protests reached hundreds of thousands of people. 

However, here’s what the media didn’t or won’t show you. 

This Sunday, there were mass protests in SUPPORT of the proposed judicial reforms. While I can’t make any claims as to the numbers, you can check out the photos here. One news source cited reports of 500,000 while several others reported at least 200,000 in attendance. 

Judicial Reform is Being Supported by Most Citizens

For all of the people who are claiming that the initial judicial reform legislation that passed its third reading in the Knesset yesterday does not represent the will of the people, that Israel’s government is too radical, extremist or right-wing, or that they’re not listening to their citizens and other world leaders – don’t believe any of it!

This judicial reform legislation in Israel was voted through because the majority of Israelis voted for the current government. Now they are showing up in Israel’s streets in support of these very laws!

Want to know more details about what is actually in the legislation that was passed? Make sure to watch Josiah’s show from yesterday. 

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